What’s in store for you at Asus’s Zenvolution Event 2016?

What’s in store for you at Asus’s Zenvolution Event 2016?

What’s in store for you at Asus’s Zenvolution Event 2016?

by May 11, 2016
asus zenvolution

Image source: press.asus.com

In the last couple of months, we did witness several tech events being held around the globe, with the latest cutting-edge gadgets making it to the spotlight. And of course, there are many more big events coming up, one of which is the Computex 2016 set to kick off on 31st of this month.

Adding up to the list of the events is the ‘Zenvolution’ hosted by the Taiwanese tech giant, Asus. The event will be held on 30th of May, a day ahead of the Computex 2016. The company has built a webpage with a countdown to the event, where the images of the event will be uploaded. According to a few sources, Asus will be unveiling the ZenFone 3, which seems to be the younger sibling, or call it the upgraded version, of the most popular ZenFone 2  .

zenfone 3

Image source: techone3.in

In case you are not quite keeping a tab on the Asus offerings, it is worth knowing that the ZenFone 2 is presently one of the most popular budget phones around. Priced at just around Rs. 9000, the device comes with a huge 5.5 inch display and is loaded with Android 5 (Lollipop) compared to Zenfone 3 which is rumoured to come with Marshmallow. What sets it apart from the other budget handset is the 13 MP rear camera and 128 GB of extended storage capacity.

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zenfone 3 camera

Image source: ndtv.com

Zenfone 3 is expected to come in two sets (Model no. Z012D and Z010 DD), which were spotted on the benchmarking site. Zenfone 3 and Zenfone 3 deluxe will sport a 5.5” and 5.9” screen, respectively.

With the ZenFone 3 around the corner, we can surely expect a lot more from Asus. However, not much is yet known about the features of the phone but is believed to feature a 2.5D glass. Now, what’s this 2.5D glass? Is it something that falls between 2D and 3D? If yes, how is that possible?

A 2.5D glass has a curved edge which makes the handset look a lot more stylish. Many are of the opinion that the term 2.5D is nothing more than just a marketing strategy. We are not quite sure how true that is, but let not the term ‘2.5D’ be a major deciding factor when it comes to buying a smartphone.

zenfone 3 specs

Image source: vr-zone.net

Now, let’s talk about the other features. The ZenFone 3 is most likely to come with USB Type-C connectivity and will have flash on the rear and the front, at least that’s what the reports suggest. Moreover, it may also come with a fingerprint reader and an optional Smart Flip Cover.

Have a look at the leaked image below. The design looks quite impressive. So, if this image turns into a reality, no wonder the handset may be dubbed as one of the stylish phones around, at least we think of it that way.

zenfone 3 leaks

Image source: gsmarena.com

If you are too curious to know about the price, you’ll probably have to wait for a couple of weeks. But, you can definitely expect the handset to be well within your budget, just like its predecessor did. ASUS surely won’t disappoint you on the ‘price’ front.

So, Should You Go For It Then?

Now, that’s one tough question to answer, at least when we know not much about the handset. Of course, most of the reports point out to the positives, but it would be wise waiting until we know exactly what the handset is all about.