Astropad – An App That Redefines Graphic Designing on Your Mac Device

Astropad – An App That Redefines Graphic Designing on Your Mac Device

Astropad – An App That Redefines Graphic Designing on Your Mac Device

by February 26, 2015

Mac users who have been long waiting for a reliable app that would let them combine their MAC laptop/PC and tablet are in for some good news as the wait finally ends. The advent of a new app, which is called as ‘Astropad,’ it allows the users to mirror their MAC laptop screen on their tablet. The tablet is a great boon for graphic designers; experts suggest that the app is going to change the graphic design industry. Sounds exciting? Read on to know more about the features, cost and benefits of this incredible app:

Some of the Amazing features of Astropad:

1. It helps you combine your Mac PC and iPad as a single workspace

2. It gives superior image quality. There is no risk of compression of the images due to the difference in the screen sizes and resolution of your tablet and laptop

3. Astropad is specially designed in a way that it works effectively and seamlessly with all Mac app. You need not have to install any drivers to run the app.

4. The app is built especially built for professional designers and people working in the creative field. It gives the freedom of portability while creating their designs.

5. Astropad is created using an innovative technology called Liquid. The result is stunning image quality and responsiveness like never seen before

6. The app shares your MAC screen at up to 60 frames per second, which means that it lets you see your design on your laptop in real time; ‘what you see on your tablet is that you get on your laptop/PC.’

7. You can create your customized shortcuts to make your work easy

8. While designing you can simply pinch the screen to zoom in and pay attention to the finer details.

9. Astropad supports almost all kinds of stylus tools. Thus it gives you the freedom to work with your favourite style of stylus.

How to Use Astropad?

Using this app is as easy as using any other application on your tablet. Simply download the app in both your laptop and tablet and you are ready to go. Next, load your favorite designing program on your table like Photoshop or any other program that you use and use your favorite type of stylus to create sketches, designs, fill colours and edit the fine lines on your art work wirelessly on your tablet in real time.

How much will Astropad cost you?

Well, this is an obvious question most people would have and if the app is worth its money? Well, you can easily get this app from the App Store for $49.99. For many the price may seem ridiculous considering it is only another designing app. But here is the deal the cost is only a miniscule amount when you compare it with a designing device like Wacom Pad, which can cost you hundreds of dollars. The app is an excellent alternative to make use of the device that you already own. That is not all, for students, the app is available only for $19.99, a great motivation for the students to unleash their creative skills and create amazing designs.

No matter, if you are a professional designer or not, go ahead and try using this app and you are sure to be in awe of the ease it brings in designing.

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