Are “YUFIT”? Find Out With This Micromax Fitness Wearable

by July 22, 2015



The growing awareness about the importance of physical fitness and health has led to a lot of interest in the field of fitness trackers and wearables. Keeping a check on one’s fitness on the go, without the hassle of undergoing any tests or meeting with a doctor’s stethoscope every week is what has inspired the invention of what we today know as the ‘fitness tracker’ or ‘fitness band’.

The latest entrant to this highly lucrative albeit competitive is the YuFit band from Yu Televentures, a subsidiary of Micromax. Originally intended for release weeks ago, the fitness band will be now be available for a flash sale beginning 29th July on Amazon India, the exclusive online retail partner of the brand. The registrations for the flash sale started on July 21 at 12PM. There are no confirmed reports on how many bands will be up for grabs during the sale.

yufit healthyu


Using Bluetooth, the fitness band can be connected to an Android or iOS Smartphone. The corresponding apps are ‘YuFit’ on Google Play and ‘HealthifyMe’ on Google Play and App Store. Furthermore, the company is offering the first 1000 buyers free coaching from dedicated fitness professionals from HealthifyMe, a healthcare startup that Micromax invested in two month ago in May. The free coaching will be provided by fitness trainers, nutritionists, and dieticians through special packages designed exclusively for YuFit. This is a great incentive as subscription usually starts with a 7-day trial period which can later cost Rs. 1800 for 2 months and up to Rs. 10000 for a year.

yufit sensors


The band, along with the app, will help the user track their steps, sleep, distance walked, and calories burnt. The app has a huge database of Indian snacks and food which helps the user to track the amount of calorie intake. This is a great feature as it is customized to the targeted user base. HealthifyMe works with the data provided by the app to analyze it. It also has a database with more than 500 exercises and activities for the user to choose from and indulge in.

Most of us make daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly goals which we almost inevitably fail to follow. The app for YuFit allows the user to set such ‘Daily Goals’, and even alter them with the ‘My Plan’ option. Such flexibility in setting goals will motivate the user to keep up with them.

yufit display


The band sports a touch enabled OLED screen which displays the time, any call or message notifications, number of steps taken while walking, the amount of calories burnt, sleep patterns, and task reminders. It lasts for about 3 weeks on a single charge and is claimed to be waterproof.

Priced at Rs.999, YuFit will provide strong competition to the Mi Band that too promises great features for around the same price. It will be interesting to see the two compete against the other fitness trackers and bands with the customer reaping all the benefits of this contest. It remains to be seen if the aggressive marketing and flash sale helps the cause of the YuFit band or does it disappoint potential consumers and come clattering down…