Are You A Human? Captcha Knows It The Best?

Are You A Human? Captcha Knows It The Best?

Are You A Human? Captcha Knows It The Best?

by November 25, 2012 0 comments

Do you know that Robots can perform almost 60 percent of activities that humans carry out in their daily life, expect having a shower or taking your dog for a walk. At the same time, robots can definitely spam up your website with a huge amount of spam and yes, they can also have a peep into your bank account while you make an online transaction. To prevent robots from abusing the online resources, Captcha was introduced.

CaptchaThe term ‘Captcha’ stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. It is software that generates challenge-response tests that humans can easily pass but a computer program cannot. These tests are generated by the computer but cannot be solved by the same. They are basically short strings of distorted alphabets and numbers that you need to type-in in the space provided. A single error won’t allow you to move further.

So, why should you implement a Captcha in your website? There are malicious software programs that post bogus comments onto your website. These programs are usually created by your competitors who are in look out for a serious traffic, and these comments do exactly the same – drive traffic to their website. To prevent such robotic software programs from taking control of your website, it is important that you opt for Captcha to ensure that the comments or the blogs are posted by humans.

There have been instances in the past where online polls were actually manipulated using specific software tools and the results were in no ways in the favour of the ones who genuinely participated in the poll. Of course, there are programs that can track the IP address of the voter, thereby preventing him/her from voting again. However, to prevent unnecessary software tools from manipulating the poll data it is essential to implement ‘Captcha’ in your website.

Unfortunately, blind or partially sighted humans are not able to perform the tasks protected by Captcha, as the software solely relies on visual perception. No doubt, some websites implementing Captcha also provide an audio version of the same. However, the distorted audio doesn’t seem to be helping either.

It is important that you choose the right kind of Captcha, as not all Captcha programs are completely secure. Take for instance the one that is adopted by many websites and requires you to make a simple calculation such as 1+2 = 3. Being just a simple addition, a program can easily be written that will allow robots to bypass the test. Therefore, choose a Captcha that offers the best amount of security even if adopted by a million websites.

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