With The Introduction Of ‘Apply For Jobs’ Feature, Facebook To Compete With LinkedIn

With The Introduction Of ‘Apply For Jobs’ Feature, Facebook To Compete With LinkedIn

With The Introduction Of ‘Apply For Jobs’ Feature, Facebook To Compete With LinkedIn

by February 17, 2017
Apply for jobs directly with Facebook

Facebook recently announced that it would add a great new feature to its website that would take on job search sites like LinkedIn. Now users can directly apply for jobs on the employer’s Facebook page via an ‘Apply Now’ button. Businesses have the option to mention job vacancies on their Facebook page that will be visible to job seekers.

Administrators of company pages can now create job vacancies on their pages and will be able to view and track all applicants. They can also communicate with them via Facebook Messenger. This new feature is now available both on the website as well as on the mobile app. Currently, this feature is available only in the United States and Canada. The feature will most likely start rolling out in other countries in a phased manner.

Apply for jobs directly with Facebook

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  • Page Admins can add vacancies on company page

  • Job vacancies will include details like Job title, remuneration, etc.

  • New Apply Now button on company pages

  • ‘Apply Now’ button will lead to application forms that the applicants need to fill

  • Application can be edited, reviewed by applicants before submission

  • Admins can view the applicants and track them

  • Admins can also communicate with them

Job vacancy posts, apart from being visible on the company page, will also appear in the News Feed of all its followers. These posts will include all details like images, the location of the job, job title and a detailed description. These posts can also be boosted by the companies by paying a premium so that they reach a greater audience.

Tips to apply for jobs with facebook

If you’re a job seeker, the following steps are what you need to perform to apply for a job:

  • Visit the company page where you’d like to apply for a job

  • Optionally, a new vacancy post may be visible directly in your news feed

  • Click on the Apply Now button

  • You will be redirected to an application form with entries like name, city etc.

  • Some of these entries will be auto-filled based on your profile details

  • Fill out the rest of the details

  • Send the application form via Messenger.

Now that Facebook has introduced this new system for applying for jobs, applicants need to take better care of their profile pages since that will be one of the first impressions of the applicants that the company will be subjected to. A more professionally maintained page will be better received. Privacy settings also need to be adjusted because the employer will be able to view all your past photos and posts if they are available for public viewing. Private content will not be visible.

How to apply for job on Facebook

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With this new announcement, Facebook has integrated its massive user base with a LinkedIn like entity. It will be quite convenient for job seekers as well as employers to browse for jobs, find out company details and apply for jobs on the same platform. Facebook is already on its way to becoming a one-stop platform for multiple digital needs, and this new feature takes it even further.