Apple To Offer Free iPhone X Display Repair For Faulty Units

Apple To Offer Free iPhone X Display Repair For Faulty Units

Apple To Offer Free iPhone X Display Repair For Faulty Units

by November 13, 2018

Apple iPhone X need not worry if they are facing issues with their display screen. The tech giant has announced that users can now get their display repaired for free.

Apple has confirmed that some iPhone X units might be facing issues with the display due to a failed display module component. Due to this issue, the screens are rendered unresponsive.

The company has said the affected smartphones might be facing issues with the entire display or a part of the display area. As a result, the response from the display might be intermittent or at times, there might be no response at all.

Users who face such issues are eligible for a replacement provided they follow a proper procedure as required by Apple. They can get it done at an official Apple retail store or an Apple authorized service centre at no cost.

Users can either contact the nearest Apple authorized repair center, or make an appointment at the nearest Apple store, or call or contact Apple Support to mail in the smartphone to Apple repair.

Apple has not clarified the exact series or timeline for the units that have been impacted due to the issue of damaged display. Hence, users can go ahead and send the device for repair if the screen is damaged irrespective of the purchase date or the model of the smartphone.

With this development, Apple has addressed the issue of ghost touches that users have been reporting on different online forums. It is important for the users to take a few steps before sending the smartphone across for repair. Firstly, the users should ensure that the data on the smartphone is backed up on the iCloud or to another external storage device. The users should ensure that the phone does not have any critical data and is as empty as possible before it is handed over for repair. If the users have repaired the display earlier, Apple has made a provision for them to claim a refund.

Apple is restricting the free repair to units which are in their home country. Hence, make sure that you get it repaired from Apple stores if you are facing an issue with the display.