13 Tasks You Didn’t Know Siri Could Perform

13 Tasks You Didn’t Know Siri Could Perform

13 Tasks You Didn’t Know Siri Could Perform

by December 15, 2016

Apple Siri Hacks

We all are familiar with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. However, not everyone is aware of all the tricks she has up her sleeves. Listed down are ten of such Siri hacks that would do the world of good in your daily life. Don’t converse with her too much, as we all know how it ended for the poor guy in 2013’s science fiction movie ‘Her’.

  • Make a call

siri hacks make call

Source: giga.de

The most important feature of any phone is making calls. If you are too lazy to dial a number or search a particular contact, you can ask Siri to do it for you. What’s more, you can even tell Siri how people in your contacts are related to you. For instance, you can tell Siri that “Asha is my mom”. The next time you ask Siri to call mom, she will dial the phone number associated with your contact Asha.

  • Set alarms

siri hacks set alarm

Source: soitscometothis.net

You can ask Siri to create multiple alarms for you. Set them on or off simply via voice commands. Or just remove all the film if you want to avoid the Monday blues. Siri is intelligent enough to understand requests such as “Wake me up in 30 minutes.” or “Wake me up at 8 am.”

  • Make changes to the device settings

siri hacks change device settings

Source: blogspot.com

Anything in your settings can be enabled or disabled by using Siri. One can turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on\off or make changes to the screen brightness. You can even ask Siri to switch on the Airplane mode. Keep in mind, that Siri will stop working as the flight mode kicks in.

  • Basic math

siri hacks basic math

Source: cultofmac.com

Don’t worry if you were not quite attentive during your school days. Siri has got your mathematics problems covered. You can ask her to add or subtract numbers. Find power or square roots. She can even understand tricky questions such as “What is a 8% percent tip on $460 for 3 people?” Moreover, Apple’s AI can perform unit conversions. For instance, you can ask her to convert dollars into rupees or inches to centimetres.

  • Search emails

siri hacks search emails

Source: wordpress.com

We all know that you can ask Siri send an email. However, Siri has got a few more tricks You can request her to search for emails from a certain contact, find your notes or just ask her to display new unread emails for you.

  • Take me home

siri hacks take me home

Source: imore.com

Request Siri to take you home and Apple’s voice assistant will trigger maps app and provide you with turn-by-turn satellite navigation to your place. Same goes for hotels and hospitals. Siri can even direct you to the nearest ATMs and banks, which are pulling more crowds than movie halls after the recent currency demonetisation.

  • Sports updates

siri hacks sports update

Source: imore.com

You no longer have to search for game updates on search engines as Siri can do that for you. Siri can respond to queries such as “Did India win the match today?” or “Did Virat Kohli score a century?”

  • Change that track

siri hacks change that track

Source: macrumors.com

You can ask Siri to play, pause, or skip a certain track on your iTunes playlist. You can switch to iTunes Radio and shuffle your tracks. You can also request her to search for a particular song, artist, or album over the internet.

  • Make posts to Twitter or Facebook

siri hacks social media status update

Source: igeeksblog.com

It seems, even Siri can’t resist the temptation of using Facebook and Twitter. She is always happy to help you handle your social accounts. Just say, “Update my Facebook status”, and she will wait for you to dictate your post. After confirmation, she will publish it on your Facebook wall.

  • Check for flights

siri hacks check flights

Source: businessinsider.com

One can check for the flights hovering around in your sky and other information regarding it. If you got a specific flight number, then Siri can provide you with the current status of that flight as well.

  • Find the owner of a lost iPhone

siri hacks find owner of lost iphone

Source: wonderhowto.com

If you come across a lost iPhone, which is locked with a passcode, you can either wait for someone from the other end to call you or inquire Siri about the owner of the phone. Simply say, “Siri, who does this phone belong to?” Apple’s voice assistant will then reveal the contact details of the owner to you.

  • Helps you book a movie ticket

siri hacks book movie tickets

Source: macrumors.com

Ask Siri, “What movies are playing right now”, and it will generate a list of movies currently playing in your neighbourhood. You can also ask her for reviews of a movie before booking the tickets.

  • Roll a dice

siri hacks roll a dice

Source: iphonelife.com

Nothing beats playing the good old board games with a bunch of friends. Thanks to Siri, you no longer have to stop the game only because someone lost the dice. If you have an iPhone handy, simply ask Siri to roll a dice and she will do that for you. If you are playing Monopoly, you can even ask her to roll two dice.

Hope you’ll give a try to all these Siri hacks which will surely make your life way easier!