Apple Revealed The All-New M1-Powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini at One More Thing

Apple Revealed The All-New M1-Powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini at One More Thing

Apple Revealed The All-New M1-Powered MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, And Mac Mini at One More Thing

by November 12, 2020

The trillion-dollar tech giant Apple promised to introduce at least one Mac powered by its own silicon chipset by this year. The promise is kept and Apple revealed the all-new M1 chipset with a whole MacBook lineup, yesterday. In the laptop lineup, Apple introduced a 13” MacBook Air along with a 13” MacBook Pro. Apart from these two, Apple also introduced a Mac Mini. All three devices are powered by Apple’s own ARM-based M1 SoC, finally ditching the Intel processors. 

Fulfilling its promise made at WWDC 2020, Apple is feeling much confidence in its own chipset and that’s the reason it has revealed even a MacBook Pro variant. The Intel to M1 transition is quite a significant milestone for the company and that’s the reason the event was named after Steve Job’s iconic phrase, One More Thing.

Apple M1: Custom chip for Mac

In the presentation, Apple said that the M1 chip will be the first designed specifically for the Mac. With 16 million transmitters on board, Apple’s M1 chip is constructed on a 5nm structure just like its A14 iPhone chip. The all-new chipset has 8 cores, 4 dedicated for high performance, and 4 for high efficiency. In the event, Apple’s Johny Srouji claimed the M1 SoC will match the operations of a dual-core Mac. 

The chipset is also equipped with an 8-core GPU for high graphics tasks like video rendering, photo editing, 3D animations, etc., Apple also claims to provide the highest CPU performance in terms of per watt in the industry. Thanks to its 16-core neural engine, the M1 chipset is claimed to have the best machine learning. Now with its own chipset and eliminating all the limitations of Intel chips, Apple is trying to bring the Mac experience closer to that of iPad and iPhone. M1 chip will also come with an integrated USB 4/Thunderbolt controller. 

At One More Thing, Apple has also revealed an updated version of macOS Big Sur that will be available to install from Nov 12. This update comes with a huge visual overhaul where the app icons and the control center are matched with that of iOS and iPad OS. The new update of macOS Big Sur will also ensure secure boot and the brand has primarily focused on the existing apps that will run on M1-powered devices but there are also universal apps that will run on M1, as well as Intel devices. 

Apple stated that Photoshop will be available from next year whereas Universal Photoshop will be launched next month. However, the existing x86 apps can run on M1 devices through the translation layer Rosetta 2. 

MacBook Air: Key specs & features

The design language of the all-new M1-based MacBook Air is identical to the existing Intel devices. The big change is in the internals where the brand claims the M1 will offer 3.5x better performance compared to the Intel ones. Without any specific details, Apple claimed the new chipset will perform 98% faster when compared to the best PC laptops. MacBook Air will also be able to handle multiple ProRes Streams smoothly. 

Apple is also claiming a significant improvement in the battery life where the MacBook Air will last for 18 hours. The existing Intel model can go up to 12 hours. The screen size will be 13.3” and it will sport a Retina display. The device will also feature a better FaceTime camera with reduced noise and the screen will come with a P3 color gamut. The audience focused by the brand here is the WFH one where the users will use the laptop for work and media consumption. The fanless design boasts quite a lot, however, the real-world performance will convey the true story. MacBook Air will start at $999.

Mac Mini: Key specs & features

The all-new M1 chipset is also fetched to the Mac Mini lineup. It was the Mac Mini that was used as a developer transition kit by the brand, earlier at WWDC ’20. Talking about numbers, Apple is claiming the M1-powered Mac Mini will offer 6x better GPU performance and 3x better CPU performance compared to the existing quad-core models. 

In the presentation, Apple has compared the size of the best-selling PC and Mac Mini and claimed that it’s 1/10th of the size, yet offers 5x better computing. Mac Mini is quite a trusted and popular device among the developers out there or the users who are shifting towards the Apple ecosystem. 

The all-new Mac Mini will be available at $100 lesser than the existing models, at just $699. According to John Ternus, it’s the most incredible Mac Mini the brand has ever made. 

MacBook Pro: Key specs & features

The confidence that Apple has in its own ARM-based M1 chipset can be seen here. The brand has introduced the Pro model with its new chipset. The 13” MacBook Pro is claimed to offer 3x better performance compared to its Windows counterparts. The GPU on this laptop claims to offer 5x better results whereas the CPU performance will be 2.5x better than the PC laptops. The target audience for Apple here is professionals like photographers, video editors, developers, etc. 

In the internals, MacBook Pro will squeeze a fan for better thermals. The battery life on the new 13.3” MacBook Pro is claimed to provide 20 hours of continuous video and up to 17 hours of wireless web browsing. The FaceTime camera will remain the same as the MacBook Air but Apple is offering 3 studio-grade microphones for better and enhanced audio. On the I/O front, the Pro model will offer only two thunderbolt ports. The users will also get TouchID on the top-right of the keyboard. The pricing will start at $1,299 and it will be $100 less for educational users. 

Pricing and availability in India

All three devices, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini will go on pre-orders today itself in the US market. For the Indian market, the devices will start shipping next week. Coming to the prices, the Mac Mini will start at ₹64,900 whereas the MacBook Air’s base variant is priced ₹92,900 and the Pro will start at ₹1,22,900.