Apple Music for Android Phone – 6 Things you must know

Apple Music for Android Phone – 6 Things you must know

Apple Music for Android Phone – 6 Things you must know

by November 14, 2015
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Android users… We have good news for you! Now you can enjoy 30 million songs from iTunes or even tune-in to its live radio on your Android phone. Apple Music for Android is quiet identical to that on the iPhones. To ensure a better fit-in with Android phones, Apple has also done a little tweaking here and there.

You might wonder what Apple music has to offer the Android users. Here, we have rounded up 6 things you must know about this latest app from the house of Apple:

1. Apple ID is all you need to get started

In the past if you have purchased something from iTunes such as albums, music, movies, TV shows or anything else, then you already must be having an Apple id. If not, then you must first sign up with the app through iTunes or on

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2. Quiet Identical to That for iOS

Although Apple tweaked the design a little, the design remains similar to that for the original Apple devices. To sync it better with Android devices, this app features a left slide-out hamburger menu to keep things more organised (although, a tad tedious to switch between tabs). It is in this menu that you will find tabs for Radio, For You, Connect, My Music and Playlist.

3. Staying True to Its Name

With this Apple Music even Android users will be able to enjoy the premium experience of Apple apps. This app for Android is packed with musical recommendations, radio as well as human-curated playlist. Creating your own playlist and accessing music you purchased from iTunes on the My Music Page cannot get any easier. Also, the Connect tab enables you to follow your favourite artists and stay updated with the latest songs. Listening to Beat One, Apple’s private radio station can be your next favourite therapy to relax your mind.

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4. No Voice Control

You are definitely going to miss the Voice Control in Apple Music for Android. In iPhones, iPads and iPods, Siri would allow you to control the music as well as queue-up the songs. But because Siri comes exclusively with Apple products, you cannot really do anything about it. You cannot even use Google Now’s voice commands for controlling Apple Music.

5. You cannot sign up for a family plan, yet

The app still bears a Beta label in the Google Play Store which simply means that it’s missing the family membership plan as well as Apple Connect videos. But, you can still sign up for a family membership plan on an iOS device or a Mac one and then use it on your Android device. You may also experience bugs or some other problems as the app is still not quiet refined.

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6. Cannot be Used to Play MP3 Files on your Phone

If you thought Apple Music would be your replacement for Media Player, then you would surely be disappointed. The My Music Tab in the Apple Music app includes only the tracks purchased from iTunes. So, all those MP3 files you have stored in your Android devices for years cannot be played using this streaming app.

Apple Music can be a great way to lend your hands to exclusive music such as Taylor Swift’s discography or Dr. Dre’s latest album. If this is whan you desire for and still do not wish to switch to an apple device, then this Apple Music app for your Android mobile can be your best bet.