by March 22, 2016

apple march 2016 event

Even the Sun & the Moon can’t take away the shine of Cupertino’s Apple. While some were appreciating the Equinox, most others were eagerly following the March 21st event held at Apple’s Headquarters. Here’s a brief about the new “i”s that were unveiled at the surprisingly brief media meet at the Californian campus:

Apple iPhone 5SE

When the ergonomics of the iPhone 5S meets the power of the iPhone 6S , you get the iPhone 5SE  . Bowing to the needs of the first time iPhone users for a decently sized handheld device, Apple produced the 4″ screen phone, its first in the size category in a long time.

iphone 5se specs

To get the best of both worlds, the 5SE encompasses the compactness of the 5S and the powerful A9 processor of the flagship, 6S. This means that you get the best in class processing and graphics packed inside a 4″ phone.

iphone 5se camera

That’s not all that the 5SE takes from the 6S. The latest iPhone incorporates a 12MP iSight camera which can shoot magnificent panorama shots of up to 63MP! With the ability to take Live Photos and dazzling 4K videos just like the iPhone 6 and 6S, this is a splendid camera phone, indeed. You also get a front facing retina flash for clearer pictures.

iphone 5se touch id

The iPhone 5SE includes Apple Pay and TouchID for enhanced security. With 50% faster 4G connectivity and thrice the Wi-Fi connectivity speed of iPhone 5S; the 5SE is a big step up from the older model.

iphone 5se

Available in the classic Apple colours of silver, space grey, gold, and rose gold, the iPhone 5SE will start shipping on the last day of this month. Quite a good time to file your taxes and then splurge on an iPhone, isn’t it? Surprisingly, no! Contrary to its usual pricing, Apple Inc. has decided to keep the price of the new smartphone at a lower $399 for the 16GB model, while the 64GB variant will cost a hundred dollars more.

iPad Pro

ipad pro

The next big unveiling was of the 9.7″ iPad Pro. Encompassing four speaker audio, you get the best sound quality as can be offered by a tablet. Apple has kept in mind the iPad’s use as an eBook reader and included the Night Shift mode which makes reading and working on the tab easier on the eyes.

ipad pro keyboard

Coming with its own super sensitive Apple Pencil and keyboard, the iPad Pro is a great device for casual as well as hardcore users. If you feel like FaceTiming your friend seven seas across, you could simply make use of the 5MP front camera to do so. Take stunning videos and probably make a collage too, on the 9.7″ screen of the iPad Pro.

Priced at $599 for the 32GB model, and $899 for the 256GB one, the iPad Pro will suit those who need a more compact tab from Apple.

iOS 9.3

ios 9.3

Even if you aren’t looking to buy any new Apple products, you can simply upgrade your existing ones to the latest iOS 9.3 iteration which brings with it an updated Health app, and a password protected version of Notes for added privacy and security.

ios 9.3 features

Apple News of iOS 9.3 will give you trending topics so you stay updated and don’t make a fool of yourself in front of others! Go ahead, download the update right away!

ios 9.3 health app

Oh, another thing that might interest the environmentalist in you… Apple also introduced “Liam”, a new robot designed to dismantle Apple products and reuse the parts in other gadgets. Let’s see if this idea takes hold in the larger scheme of things.

With the multi-billion company ensnared in a legal showdown with the U.S Government over security and privacy issues, it was a relief to see Apple still standing tall and doing what it does best- dazzle!!

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