Apple Plans to Make a Big Move with its Latest Announcement on Artificial Intelligence

by June 16, 2016
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While the world seems to be highly fascinated by the wonders of artificial intelligence (AI), Apple plans to offer its consumers a much more exciting and a user-friendly AI experience compared to what is being currently offered by its competitors.

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Apple recently announced a bunch of features to be released for the mobile and the desktop operating systems, all of which will be powered by artificial intelligence. The prime intention to do so is to make your device smarter. Interestingly, your phone or your computer will soon be able to anticipate the task you are just about to perform.

Another great reason to rejoice is Apple’s decision to open up some of its applications including iMessage, Siri, and Maps to developers working on other platforms.

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Presently, some users do have a hard time toggling between multiple apps. Unfortunately, there seems to be no other easy alternative, as each app is meant for a particular purpose. By integrating AI with third party applications and services, Apple plans to make things hassle-free, letting you access a bunch of apps using a single service.

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For instance, manually organizing photos is quite frustrating, at least for those who love capturing memories now and then. AI will soon organize your constantly expanding list of photos by grouping them based on various aspects. Similarly, a single AI-integrated app will communicate with multiple other applications, thereby demanding least amount of effort from your side.

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Another notable upcoming feature is the facial recognition technology that groups photographs based on featured individuals. For instance, if you have your family members’ photos scattered all over, the facial recognition feature will do its best to group these pictures together.

Although AI may seem quite fascinating, a lot is going on behind the scenes with several complex algorithms involved that make things possible.

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But, wait a minute. We are not done yet. Apple has a lot more to offer. Apple also announced that Siri will now be available for desktop computers as well, which means you will be able to talk to your Mac. This is, in fact, a huge step, as according to Google, around 20% of the total search queries are voice-based.

Developers will soon be able to integrate Siri’s voice into their apps, which will help you access a particular app by simply communicating with Siri.

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Microsoft is already having a voice-based virtual assistant app called Cortana, which allows the users to communicate with desktops. However, by making Siri available for desktops, Apple plans to improve the user-experience of moving between multiple devices. The app will be able to make suggestions by scanning your communications.

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Is Apple making a late-entry into the AI arena? No doubt, several tech biggies have already got their feet wet by developing AI-based services. However, while some of these offerings did manage to get eyeballs rolling, a few didn’t quite turn out to be a big deal. So, to bring out a highly-finished product, it is mostly likely that Apple is indeed taking things a bit slower, which means we may get to see something that’s quite close to being perfect.

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