Apple Launches the new iOS 8.1.1 to Improve Performance of Apple Device

by November 28, 2014

ios-8-1-1Apple, the most up-beat Smartphone and Gadgets Company, often comes up with the new technological advancements in their series of gadgets and phones. Recently Apple released the new iOS version 8.1.1 for all the iPhone and iPad users. The newly launched iOS 8.1.1 is said to be the most advanced operating system version which will boost the performance of the older devices. With the news of this recently launched version, there has been a lot of excitement amongst all the gadget freaks and Apple users.

The company has specifically planned to focus on the performance of the older devices which are now getting slower in functionality. The version 8.1.1 has been specially designed to fix up the bugs thus, improving the performance of the devices. Technically speaking, the iPhone4S and iPad2 can run on iOS version 7 but the performance wasn’t that remarkable also notably the animations and overall responsiveness was observed falling behind with the iOS version 7. Now the new 8.1.1 version is sure to trigger the flexibility and performance of all the Apple devices.
Along with the introduction of the new 8.1.1 iOS version, Apple has also released a small update on OS X Yosemite, which fixes the Wi-Fi status and other features and issues of the device. Hence, the newly launched 8.1.1 version will surely upgrade the stability, presentation and features of all the devices.
Users can update their devices manually by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Menu→ Select Settings→ Select General→ Select Software update


Else they can also wait for Apple to push it and make it available as long as automatic updates are enabled. The operating system developers have huge hopes with the new version’s release and are expecting a better performance.