Apple, Google Or Amazon, Figure Out Your Ideal Music Storage Service

Apple, Google Or Amazon, Figure Out Your Ideal Music Storage Service

Apple, Google Or Amazon, Figure Out Your Ideal Music Storage Service

by March 27, 2015

Music, an integral part of our lives has now become easily accessible on our handy devices. That’s no surprise to anyone, but among the most famous and widely used services, which are Apple’s iTunes Match, Amazon’s Cloud Player and Google’s Play Music which one is the best? Rather than trying to figure out which one is the best, we’ll try to compare the 3 brilliant services from one another, figure out the pros and cons of each one of them, and then you can decide which one is it for you!

Let’s begin with Apple’s iTunes Match

The Apple fanatics probably won’t look at any other service but this. Also, the ones who have most of their music purchased from iTunes have all the more reason to not even bother to try the other services. The obvious upside of Apple’s iTunes Match is the massive catalogue of a whopping 43,000,000 songs the company has to offers, which exceeds the catalogue of all other competitors. While that’s not all, the advantage of unlimited ad-free streaming from iTunes Radio only ups Apple’s game.

With so many advantages, it has a few downsides too. The maximum capacity is just 25,000 songs which is a very low number compared to the two of its toughest competitors. The fact that it does not support support OGG, WMA and FLAC music files is a big shame.

Moving on to Amazon’s Cloud Player

It’s quite similar to Apple’s iTunes Match actually but still manages to stand out with its unique differences. The upside of this Cloud Player is it’s free option of 250 songs and the maximum storage capacity of 250,000 songs which is the highest among the 3 options. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire, Android devices, Mac/PC, Fire TV, Roku, Sonos, Samsung Smart TVs, select vehicles from BMW, Ford, Mini are all the Hardware options that support the service. And all of this at the same price as Apple’s iTunes Match. Not a bad deal at all, is it?

However, you might want to consider the downsides of this service before making a decision. The songs are provided as a 256kbps MP3 with Amazon’s Cloud Player, which is not as good as compared to the other 2 services. Other than that the maximum file size is just 100 MB, which again is less than its competitors. Also, you have to manually download songs from the cloud, which can be time consuming and might make you re-consider your decision of opting for this service.

And last but not the least, Google Play Music

The major upside of this service, which is also the one that matters to most people, is that it’s free! The maximum capacity is more than Apple’s service without paying a single penny which is amazing, also the maximum file size is 300 MB and matching format at 320kbps MP3 is the best amongst its competitors.

While there are no actual downsides of Google Play Music, some might not find the App matching their fancy which is a good compromise against the fact that it’s free. So now that you we have equipped with the essential information go ahead and make your choice and stay tuned to your music.