Android WhatsApp Gets A New Look!

Android WhatsApp Gets A New Look!

Android WhatsApp Gets A New Look!

by April 16, 2015

With a loyal base of millions already, WhatsApp is keeping no stone unturned to give them something better. Be it in the form of services or interface, the free messaging app has something new to offer its users on a regular basis. The latest update comes in the form of a Material Design makeover for WhatsApp running on the Android platform.

The update- version 2.12.38- is currently available only through the official WhatsApp website. You can download the .apk file from the site and install it onto your Smartphone. The new WhatsApp interface brings with it many interesting changes. The updated version features new icons, animations, colorful emoticon tray and many other changes.

The first thing you notice is that the app is merged with calls, chats, and contacts bar under the same colour. When you open the new chat box, you will be able to see the icon for voice recording alongside the textbox. A WhatsApp chat conversation now will show a chat design resembling a bubble.

The attachment panel too has been made larger and more vibrant. When on a personal chat, clicking on the opposite user’s name will lead to a bigger picture of that user’s profile with their display picture, status, media, groups shared with them etc. Changing the orientation will bring with it a bigger profile picture which takes up about half the screen with the remaining details taking up the other half.

For group chats, the chat profile is now available in a neater layout and has a large cover image. Another minor but pleasant change is seen in the screen for sharing photos and video as well as the ‘Settings’ option.

There had been talks about WhatsApp now having a better integration with Facebook but that hasn’t materialized in this update. Such integration would allow a feature like “Share on WhatsApp” to become real. Now that Facebook owns WhatsApp, the integration can be hoped for soon.

The OTA update is expected to be rolled out soon with the new interface being liked and approved by its Android users. With WhatsApp voice calling already a hit with the Android users, the company is soon set to make the feature available on iOS devices as well as with Windows. Such constant innovations and features are bound to increase the popularity of WhatsApp and add many more millions to its user base.