by August 23, 2016

Android Nougat roll out begins for LG Nexus LG V20

Google is like that class topper who is never satisfied even with a 98% on their report card. Always wanting to trump themselves, this ambitious lot can forever be found looking for innovative ways to reach that elusive 100%. We don’t know about that class topper, but Google has outdone itself with its latest Android version, Nougat. With the update ready to roll out onto your Nexus devices, here are some of the best new aspects of the sweet delight:

  • Faster, smoother updates

Android N virtual reality performance

Source: android.googleblog.com

You no longer have to worry about apps hogging space. Apps will now require lesser space and also download faster. We know Google keeps getting better, that’s why it has even made its updates faster in its Nougat devices. Now you won’t have to wait endlessly for the updates to install.

  • Usability Improvements

You can rearrange your Quick Settings tiles to get quicker access to what you think is more important. In Overview, just tap on ‘Clear All’ and all your apps will close. Got two favourite people in the world but confused which one to put on your screen? Fret not… for now, you can have a separate one for your Homescreen and Lockscreen! Nougat allows you to add Emergency Info such as your name, blood group, allergies, blood type, emergency contact, which will be visible through your Lockscreen in the case of any mishaps.

  • Save battery, save data- more power to you

Android N smarter battery

Source: android.googleblog.com

Marshmallow got us ‘Doze’ and as Google puts it, Nougat got us ‘Dozier’! Your phone will go into lower power usage when it’s just keeping your books company while in the bag.

Android Nougat data saver

Source: android.googleblog.com

As for Data Saver, switch it on and your background apps won’t be able to use any data.

  • Change display size

Not only the fonts, folks! With Android Nougat, you can change the size of the other display components like icons & images.

  • Taking multitasking to another level… or window

Android N performance

Source: android.com

If multitasking on a Smartphone were an Olympic sport, then a device running on Android Nougat would most definitely be the best practice ground. The latest iteration offers the split-screen mode where you can run two apps side-by-side. Perhaps pretend to be reading academic notes on one side and watch a movie on the other?! Another feature, Quick Switch, allows you to switch between the two most recently used apps with a double tap on the Overview button.

  • Superior immersive experience

Android N 3D graphics performance

Source: android.com

Give your daydreaming a rest with Nougat’s actual ‘Daydream’. Indulge in some virtual reality once the compatible headsets and controllers hit the market later this year. With support for the Vulkan, a 3D rendering API, your gaming just got became a richer experience. Thank the multi-core processor of your phone, if you will!

  • Convenient notifications

Android nougat notifications

Notifications from the same app will be bundled together for better access. Google knows what a pain being redirected to another app can be, and so it put Direct Reply into Nougat so that you can reply to messages from within the notification shade. Furthermore, users can simply toggle setting such as ‘silence notifications’ for a particular app by pressing on the specific app pop up in the notifications shade.

  • Express yourself better!

Android Nougat N emojis

Source: android.googleblog.com

Either you video chat with the person on the other end, or you make use of the more than 1500 emoji to express yourself! With Nougat bringing with it 72 new emoji, you have some amusing moments ahead of you.

  • Get on your ‘Work Mode’

You family keeps complaining each time you look at your Smartphone at the dinner table? Nougat helps you keep your family time, just that. Switch on the Work Mode when you go home and all your work related apps turn off too! No temptation, no folly!

  • More private, more secure

Android N enhanced security app permission

Source: android.com

A new face recogniser ensures that you can unlock your Nougat running Smartphone even with hideous make-up on! It is smarter, sharper, and simply better at recognising you for you. With Direct Boot, your phone will restart faster. The encryption will now be on the file level to better isolate and protect individual files.

Phew, that’s a lot of new stuff that Google developers have come up with… Go ahead, check if your Nexus is ready for the big change!