by July 6, 2016
Android nougat daydream

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A child’s naming ceremony doesn’t entail as much discussion as Android’s OS update does. After much hoopla over what Android 7.0 will be called, we finally have a name… the sweet bearings’ brought to the millions of Android users over the world is called “Nougat”. Okay, it’s not actually available to the users just yet, but it soon will be. For now, here is some of the nutty goodness that Nougat will bring with it:

  • Multi-window support & quick switch

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Android’s latest OS will open up some new windows to help you multitask even better. With big screen phones of 5.2” and faster becoming the norm, this feature will come as a boon to the multitasker in you. All you need to do is open the Recent tab within the app you’re using, and you’ll be able to open another app to work on! What’s more, you can even drag content from one app to the other on the split screen! Imagine what all you can achieve with this… Facebooking while humouring an uninteresting conversation on WhatsApp, making a presentation while texting excuses to your boss, etc.

  • Enhanced UI & notifications panel

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Android is already doing quite well on this front but Android being Android, it wanted to better itself. The notifications will now occupy the width of the screen yet be in smaller fonts so that they are not too in-your-face.

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You will even be able to access your control toggles such as Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. You can choose to have your notifications appear app-wise, in bundles. You can even reply to texts or deal with the notifications within the panel itself.

  • Support for Vulcan API

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If you were waiting for some major changes in the way your Android games run, then this should be interesting. The new support for Vulcan will make sure your games run smoother and are more power efficient.

  • Daydream Support

Android nougat daydream

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If you’ve been dreaming about Google’s new virtual reality platform, Daydream, then you will find this Nougat a lot sweeter. Unfortunately, Daydream will be compatible only with the latest handsets, like the upcoming Nexus.

  • Duo & Allo

Allo takes ‘smart’ to a whole new level. Allo is Google’s new messaging app that is better than your personal assistant. With Allo, you can make reservations for your favourite restaurant from within the app and even conduct web searches. Like a smart fellow, Allo can even formulate replies to messages based on your previous conversations. For the spy in you, there is an inbuilt option wherein you can have your messages expire after a certain point of time so that you can feel all cool!

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Duo, another of Google’s new babies, is a video calling app that promises to make video chatting very easy. The ‘Knock Knock’ feature allows you to get a glimpse of the caller before you actually attend it. Also, to counter the issue of bandwidth usage, Allo makes sure the user gets the best out if the available bandwidth.

Convenient specifications, faster functioning

Just because it’s a newer version doesn’t mean it requires power hungry specs. Nougat can run on handsets with lower specs, except for the Daydream feature. Your updates will be downloaded 75% faster and occupy 50% less space.

With about three months to go for Nougat to hit the air, better get used to sweet things coming your way!