Android soon to release its new OS – Android Marshmallow aka Android M

by August 18, 2015
android update marshmallow

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On Monday, Google announced the name of its soon-to-be released operating system for Android devices through Twitter. Till now known only by its moniker name – Android M, the next major update to Google’s Android will now be officially called Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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As it has been an old Google tradition, a statue of green droid holding the dessert figurine was placed at the lush lawns of its headquarters at Mountain View. The near-final Software Developer Kit (SDK) for this Android 6.0 has also been released and the developers can tweak their apps according to this latest Android addition.

android marshmallow

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This latest version includes some remarkable enhancements including fingerprint sensors, Android Pay, streamlined permission model and doze – an updated power-saving mode. The Doze feature will detect if the device has not been moved or even touched since a long time and get it to sleeping mode thus ensuring a longer battery life.

Android Pay, a revamped mobile payments service is pretty similar to Apple Pay (by Apple Inc). So, you can easily make payments for your purchases both in apps as well as at retail stores.

The promising Android Marshmallow also comes packed with another interesting feature called Now On Tap for Google Now. So, now you can conveniently access Google Now and get all the information about practically anything by simply clicking the home button while you are reading an email or viewing reviews about some movie.

Today, nearly 80% of all mobile devices use Android, making it the most common Operating System in smart phones across the world. And this new update has so much more to offer that people are eagerly waiting to have their hands on this latest version.