Amazon Updates Alexa With Location-Based Routines And Reminders, Email Support

Amazon Updates Alexa With Location-Based Routines And Reminders, Email Support

Amazon Updates Alexa With Location-Based Routines And Reminders, Email Support

by December 12, 2018

Tech giant Amazon has rolled out a major update for its Alexa-enabled devices. This update will enable Alexa users to access new features such as location-based routines and reminders, timer enhancements, app notifications, email support, and more. The features that were announced in September are now ready and the users can experience it on their Alexa-enabled devices.

As per a report from Tech Crunch, Alexa support for location enables users to create reminders based on locations. The reminders will trigger based on where the user is. For instance, if you tell Alexa to remind you to pay the electricity bill when you reach home, it will voice the reminder to you based on the location of your phone when it coincides with your home. Another instance is if you say, “Alexa, remind me to take a print-out when I reach office.”. If you do not have the Alexa-enabled device at your office, the Alexa app on your phone can do the trick. It will send a push notification along with a reminder.

The location-based routines can now be triggered as and when the users arrive or depart from a location. The locations such as work, and home can be saved in the Alexa app. This will enable Alexa to recognize the routines and trigger reminders or notifications accordingly.

Users can also do more with routines. They can add “wait actions” to routines. For example: The “good morning” routine can instantly turn on the lights in your room. The routine can be programmed to wait for another 20 minutes before music or news is played. Routines can also enable to stop audio or music from playing and it can enable Alexa’s “Do Not Disturb” functionality.

Routines can also integrate with push notifications and Announcements. The “Dinner Time” routine can send an Announcement to other users that dinner is ready. With push notification support, a routine can send a push notification to another user. For example, people who try to call you while you are driving can receive a notification to the tune of “I’m on the way home”.

Timer support is also being updated with the options to add and remove time. Location support has also been added to Alexa queries such as “Alexa, where is the nearest Starbucks?” The query will result in the Alexa-enabled device searching for the nearest Starbucks based on your current location.

What’s more, Alexa has added support for email as well. Now users can ask their Alexa device to read their latest email by simple saying, “Alexa, check my email” or by saying “Alexa, do I have an email from ___ (name of a particular person)?

All the above-mentioned features will roll out in the United States, but the rollout process will take several weeks as per Amazon. These enhancements come close to the heel of the Apple Music support coming to Alexa later this month.