Amazing things you can do With Google Chromecast

Amazing things you can do With Google Chromecast

Amazing things you can do With Google Chromecast

by December 10, 2014

google-chromcastBGoogle Chromecast is a thumb sized flash drive device that allows you to send anything you can see on the Google browser to your TV screen. The cutting edge technology allows you to cast your favorite videos and apps on the big screen using your tablet, smart phone or laptop.

Browse the internet on your TV screen

Forget about the hassles of the straining your eyes while browsing the internet on the tiny screen of your mobile phone and tablets, with Google Chromecast you can now browse through the web on your big TV screen. With the amazing device you can not only check your e-mails, browse the social media websites but also watch your favorite videos from youtube and other online channels in HD quality on your TV screen.

Watch the videos saved on your device/network

Yes! With Google Chromecast it is now possible for you to watch your favorite videos saved on your hard-drive, mobile device or on the network on your big TV screen. Although, Chormecast doesn’t have a built-in media player you can easily play your videos. All you need to do is open the video file you want to watch with the command ‘Control O’. Chrome browser has the built-in capacity to play videos in MPEG, AVI, MP4, OGV and M4V formats, you can watch the videos on your TV without any hassles.

google-chromcastEnjoy your gaming sessions better

If you are a gaming lover and tend to play online games, then Google Chromecast will provide you a gaming experience like never before. Who wouldn’t like playing their favorite game on a bigger screen? Whatever games that you play on the Google chrome browse, you can cast it on your TV screen. However, if the games require using keyboard or a mouse, you can use wireless gadgets to enhance your fun.

Video Conference with your loved ones

If you your family members living abroad, you can video conference with your loved ones by casting your laptop/desktop screen on your TV. With this amazing device you need not have to try to fit within the tiny screen of your laptop or smart phone so that the person you talking can see, instead you can place your laptop in front of the TV so that the person on the other side can get a clear view. For a better video conferencing experience you can use a portable webcam and place on top of your TV and continue your video conference uninterrupted on the big screen.

Show your presentation with Google Drive

The list of amazing things that you can do with the Google Chromecast device continues to make people to be in awe of the device, but this feature deserves a special mention. If you have got a big presentation coming up at work or if you want to show off your family photo at a family gathering; you can do it all with Chromecast. The device allows you to cash any presentation you have created in the Google Drive with a Wi-Fi connection.

With such amazing uses of the device, get your Chromecast now from and enjoy browsing, playing games and watching videos like never before. Yes, Chromecast is exclusively available only on Snapdeal. Happy Shopping!!!