All You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

All You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

All You Need to Know About Air Purifiers

by May 15, 2017
Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a great way to ensure that your family always breathes fresh air and remains protected from the harmful effect of pollutants and dust particles. This steady demand is the key reason why there are so many competitors putting forward awesome and high-tech products for the Indian market with air purifier prices that compete to provide the best within a low budget.

The air present in the home is 5 to 10 times dirtier than the air present outside, and the average person generally spends 80 to 90 percent of their time indoors. This is the reason why quality air purifiers are playing a significant role for the good overall health of people and hence the demand of air purifier in India is increasing day by day.

How air purifiers work

An air purifier can aid in reducing the pollutants found indoors. The device is placed inside the central duct system of the home. Air arriving out of the furnace is forced through the system that features layers & charged tungsten wires to obstruct pollutants from progressing on. Afterward, the air is forwarded into a collection chamber that utilizes a cleaning process to eliminate any residual pollutants. After moving through a charcoal filter to eliminate odors, the air is transferred into the house. This procedure is recognized as electrostatic precipitation. Nowadays, there are standalone products that are kept in the corner of the house and do a great job of purifying the air within a certain radius of area.

Five common types of air cleaning filter

1. HEPA Technology

HEPA technology for filtration was introduced by the US Atomic Energy Commission to clean the radioactive dust & various other materials from the air. These purifiers eliminate up to 99.7% of airborne elements as small as 0.3 micron in diameter. This also saves patients from worsening of allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

2. Activated Carbon Technology

This technology works by adsorption – the procedure by which a gas ties with the surface of a solid. Activated carbon filters are one of the effective ways to remove gases, cigarette smoke, chemicals, and other odors from the air. It is especially supportive for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or any kind of respiratory problems that makes anybody sensitive to airborne chemicals.

3. UV Technology

UV technology for air, water and surface disinfection is derived from the germicidal effect of Ultraviolet-C radiation. UV technology is environmentally friendly, low cost, and eliminates the requirement to transport, store or handle the toxic chemicals. It produces no DBPs that further safeguard the aquatic life and environment.

4. Negative Ion

Ions are actually particles that present in the air and have a negative or positive electrical charge by gaining or losing an electron. The increased levels of positive ions are considered to cause migraines and depression, while increased amounts of negative ions are believed as having rejuvenation and soothing effects. Exactly before the lightning storm, air is charged with positive ions, and then, it is charged with the negative ions, making the air clean and fresh. There are high concentrations of negative ions around rivers, waterfalls and mountains, causing the air extremely refreshing. This is the reason why negative ion is used in air purifiers.

5. Ozone

Ozone is an unbalanced oxygen molecule (O3) which oxidizes the thing it bumps into. Thus if this collides with iron, for instance, it creates rust or iron oxide. This is helpful for removing odors, killing mildew and mold. This technology is most suitable for the professional usage. For example, if a home is flooded or has a sewage back-up, ozone can be used by cleaning professionals. This is a very suitable technology for air purification that is presently under usage for many devices.

Five Benefits of air purifier

  1. Air purifier cleans the air by eliminating harmful chemicals, for example, the toxic substances exhaled by smokers from the cigarettes. Moreover, it removes discarded particles in the air that can cause certain respiratory problems.

  2. This device helps in giving increasing your life span with fresh air.

  3. An air purifier is one of the finest ways to gain & maintain a good overall health.

  4. It also decreases your exposure to toxins that can generate from aerosol sprays, insect poisons, cleaning agents & cigarette smokers.

  5. This device catches impurities in a systematic way, specifically targeting airborne particles that are circulating in atmosphere & holding on to it.

Five air purifier bestsellers

  1. Phillips is a top rated company providing their so many ranges of products including best air purifiers; Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier is one of them, which is very popular because of its best features and functionalities.

  2. Kent is also one of the best air purifier sellers providing their services worldwide. Kent Aura 45-Watt Room Air Purifier and Kent Ozone Room Air Purifier are their best products that are very popular for air purification.

  3. Panasonic is known for its highly technological and best products that make your life convenient and high standard. It is one of the bestsellers that are highly popular in India.

  4. Atlanta Healthcare provides quality air purification systems to offer you the best, purified and fresh air environment. It is one of the air purifier bestsellers company.

  5. Honeywell is a true HEPA provider for air purification. They are known for high-quality air filtration systems that make your home highly fresh and purified.

Five Air purifier buying tips

  1. Think about the capacity of the unit you want to buy as per the size of the room. Determine the size of the room which you want to put the air purifier in, and go to purchase the device that will be able to cover that space.

  2. Have a glance through the various types of filters existing in air purifiers, and then choose which one has superior filtration performance.

  3. Think about the portability that you want in your air purifier. If you want to move the unit around your home, in that case, a smaller sized and compact one should be the right choice. You can also purchase the mobile air purifiers.

  4. Consider different features that you want in your air purifier. Features like nano-silver technology, negative ion technology and UV filtration increase the effectiveness of the device, but of course, this will be priced more than general air purifiers.

  5. Never forget to research on the brand and read reviews for the type of air cleaning device that interests you. In this way, you will know whether that particular air purifier has satisfied other customers and if it is worth the investment or not.

With this detailed guidance, you would now be better informed about which type of air purifier to go for.