by November 9, 2016
Air purifier buying guide


Global warming may or may not be a myth, but the alarming rise in pollution in the country, especially the northern states is definitely tangible. The government may deal with this growing health problem in their own way, but we need to deal with it in our individual way. The best way to do so? Get an air purifier in your house, and breathe yor way to a healthier life.

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If you wish to prevent your lungs from representing an organic form of New Delhi’s current atmosphere, then buy an air purifier for your home right away… but first, check out these factors based on which you can find the air purifier that best suits your needs:

  • Clean Air Delivery Rate

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This indicates the amount of air that the purifier can purify per minute. Stated in either cubic feet per minute (CFM) or cubic meter per hour (CMH) such as in Eureka Forbes’ air purifiers, the higher the delivery rate, the better is the air purifier. Make note: there are three different delivery rates, each for dust, pollen, and smoke. Check all of them before you buy the product.

  • High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters

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The “HEPA” that you read in the description of the air purifier, this is what it means. These filters trap harmful particles and allergens measuring as tiny as 0.3 microns, a size that is considerably smaller than the size of our everyday pollutants. Hence, an air purifier with a HEPA filter will work very well to keep out the unwelcomed particles. Brands such as Philips air purifiers come with True HEPA, a term that you absolutely need to look for when buying one.

  • Positive ion dispenser

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Keeping out the particles? Check. Bacteria? Not so much. The HEPA filter will keep the particles from reaching you, but what about the various viruses, fungi, and bacteria freely floating around? Some air purifiers from brands like Sharp and Crusaders come with a capability to release positive or negative ions which bind with these menacing elements and neutralise them. About time we said “bye” to E.coli, tuberculosis, and H1N1, right?

  • Size of the air purifier

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Brands such as Hygia, Eureka Forbes, Atlanta, etc. mention the coverage area of the air purifier in their model description. It is advisable to opt for an air purifier that has more coverage than the actual size of the room. For instance, if your room measures 200sq.ft. it is better to buy an air purifier with a higher coverage area of about 300sq.ft. This is ideal as it takes into account the density of impure air coming into the room which reduces the effectiveness of the air purifier.

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Our health is certainly our wealth; hence, we need to undertake a few additional steps to further ensure that the quality of air that we breathe on a daily basis is minimally harmful. Listed below are a few simple ways in which you can do so:

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1. Avoid smoking in the house. If that cannot be done, designate an area with adequate ventilation as the smoking zone.

2. Restrict the use of candles or forms of wood fires in the house to prevent the spread of harmful, dense smoke.

3. Vacuum regularly and systematically to ensure that pesky particles do not find a home in your house.