Adventure Travelers Vs Leisure Travelers

Adventure Travelers Vs Leisure Travelers

Adventure Travelers Vs Leisure Travelers

by July 21, 2017
Adventure Travelers Vs Leisure Travelers

Once I had asked my septuagenarian grandpa why he watches Hindi movies all day and he had replied smiling, “That’s my only chance to travel”. Just as watching the scenic locations in Bollywood films equaled to travelling for my grandpa, strangely many of the movie names seem to reflect our different travelling styles. Adventure travelers are Muqaddar ka Sikandar, bold and unconventional people willing to take their fate in their hands. Leisure travelers are just their opposites, having nothing in mind but Grand Masti during a trip. No matter whether one is an ever-wandering Awaara adventurer or a hassle-weary Anari leisure seeker, their travelling philosophies often have both pros and cons. Let’s find out the Box Office Verdicts for the filmy travel styles of adventure travelers and leisure travelers.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

If there is an anthem that perfectly goes with adventure travelers it is the title track of the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I have never seen an adventure traveler let pessimism or negativity stand in their travelling path. From angry beloveds to hysteric mothers, they will convince everyone to go on the next adventure. For leisure travelers, zindagi na milegi dobara interprets into indulging in relaxation and rejuvenation. More compromising by nature, leisure travelers easily give up on adventures, staying content with Martini at sea side. They are usually the ones bogged down by responsibilities and cancelling innumerable plans of Goa trips and backing out from trekking adventures.

Box Office Verdict: It is not always plausible to rush into adventures dodging responsibilities and without considering the feelings of loved ones. However, it is also essential to let go of apprehensions, overcoming hidden fears, as the three protagonists in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara did. Once in a while, we should break the restrictions that we set on ourselves and take a plunge to make that adventure trip happen.

Bhagam Bhag

In my mind, I call the traveling style of leisure travelers bhagam bhag as they hurry through tourist spots like roaring hurricanes. Every day of their travel itinerary is marked out for visiting certain number of popular places. Opting for conducted tours or travel packages contributes to their hustle-bustle travelogue. Their trips are chalked out by travel planners and even if a place takes their fancy, their stay at that place gets over in the blink of an eye. Adventure travelers, on the other hand, take their sweet time to enjoy each destination thoroughly.

Box Office Verdict: When it comes to travelling, quality wins hand down over quantity. In case there is time constraint, visit a single destination, soak in its beauty and flavors fully, to return with enriching memories. Instead of parading through tourist spots, it is smarter to dedicate more time to places that deserve attention, like the Taj Mahal or the Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra.

Dil Se

When your feet follow your heart, travel plans can only be made dil se. Adventure travelers prefer making travel itinerary on their own. They chalk out biking routes, draw hiking maps and research about places. However, such impromptu travel plans result in detours, delays and inconveniences, time and again. Unlike them, leisure travelers seek the assurance of big travel companies and secured hotel accommodations, to dispel uncertainties. They spend hours browsing and comparing travel packages, reading package details and customer reviews, giving a miss to travelogues and real life experiences.

Box Office Verdict: I agree that travelling dil se has its attractions but taking unnecessary risks is not commendable. For example high risk treks can seem to be just the thing to do but a little mistake can endanger life. At the same time it must be said that investing time in travel planning, ditching fixed packages, adds to the fun of holidays.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

In the KJO blockbuster, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai refers to love but for adventure travelers it refers to the travel itch they cannot suppress. My uncle, who used to be bitten by the travel bug frequently, described the urge to travel as a feeling of increasing restlessness and frustration. On the contrary to these nomads, leisure travelers only travel when boredom strikes and they need a break from routine.

Box Office Verdict: The urge of wanderlust may create fluttery sensations of kuch kuch hota hai in your tummy, but impulse driven decisions are not necessarily well-calculated ones. A family friend of mine visited the Bandipur National Park on a whim only to be disappointed by the early arrival of monsoons.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Adventure travelers are not appeased with the usual sea beach holidays because after all yeh jawaani hai deewani. They choose uncharted and challenging terrains over family trips to Las Vegas or Singapore. A friend of mine who is an avid traveler felt so discontent after his trip to Malaysia with family, regular hotel stays and usual city tours that he gathered all his savings to join a trekking team to Leh and Ladakh the next month. In a contrasting picture, leisure travelers need all the amenities in the world during their trips. They avoid places where AC, Wi-Fi and swimming pool etc. are unavailable. Extreme weather conditions, hours in traffic jam and anything that compromises comfort displeases them.

Box Office Verdict: Though traveling to risky terrains is something everyone should try once in their life, choosing a convenient destination is the sensible thing to do if traveling with kids and elderly people.

Rock On

Rock On is the mantra of adventure travelers and a trip is not good enough for them if it isn’t action packed. The much afraid of heights and depths person in me admires their love for adventure sports like snorkeling, biking, cycling, para-gliding, hot-air balloon riding, bungee jumping etc. I find the focus of leisure travelers is on eating hearty meals, getting sufficient sleep, visiting spas and taking countless groupies. I have even seen leisure vacationers who would go to a beach destination and instead of frolicking in the ocean, take a bulk load of pictures on the pool side of their resort.

Box Office Verdict: Travelling is the best time for stepping out of comfort zones and learning something new. Being open to new experiences is how our mind expands so never fail to rock on.

Kal Ho Naa Ho

Every two to three months, adventure travelers need to bid adieu to their home town and leave everyday sceneries behind. My friend Pinky starts feeling claustrophobic if she cannot travel often. Her point is simple and strong: kal ho naa ho. The routine bound leisure travelers schedule their holiday way ahead of time and turn travelling into a duty, as most other things. Most of the leisure travelers in India take two holiday trips, once when the summer vacation starts and another during the Christmas vacation. Diwali vacations are usually kept for meeting and greeting relatives. Yes, they do go for weekend trips but only to predictable places near at hand.

Box Office Verdict: Looking forward to holidays is a blissful feeling but a long wait can also end in tragedies. I have seen unprecedented events cascade into trip cancellations. Instead of counting hours, make the dream tour happen now, because we never know kal ho naa ho.

Jab We Met

Adventure travelers have an outgoing personality, making new friends while trotting the globe. Parties resound with their jab we met stories. Leisure travelers keep themselves locked in cocoons by habit or rather lack of exposure. Unless they are on a conducted tour leisure travelers are not bothered to make new acquaintances.

Box Office Verdict: Some of the adventure travelers I know have equally travel crazy teams of friends, with whom they go on trekking and bike riding on hilly terrains. Traveling is blissful not just for the places we visit but also the co-travelers we befriend.


Adventure travelling is not easy. It requires one to be physically fit or kaabil. Those who love adventure also believe in hitting the gym and staying in shape. They don’t mind going the extra mile training their core muscles and practicing yoga. Without proper training or practice driving cars overnight, biking across the Himalayas, kayaking through exuberant mountain rivers would not be possible. Leisure travelers are not into such hard-work. Only once was I surprised by my hard-core leisure traveler brother, when he decided to climb the steps of Udayagiri Caves to visit the temple on top. Maybe his impending marriage and the desire to lose weight offered inspiration.

Box Office Verdict: Adventure traveling is a choice and staying fit for life’s experience is a matured decision. Even if you are not into adventure sports, being kaabil will only keep your options open.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan

No matter how hard up an adventure traveler is, their commitment to travelling remains the same, jab tak hai jaan. One of the best things that I have noticed about this bunch is that they can travel really frugally. They don’t mind staying in hostels or lodging at bed-and-breakfast accommodations, in order to see a new place. For leisure travelers vacations are only good when they are expensive.

Box Office Verdict: In my experience, it is only leisure travelers who site money as the sole hindrance to their dream of a world tour. With so many booking apps offering low cost hotel rooms and travel bloggers teaching tactics for frugal traveling, anyone can keep traveling jab tak hai jaan.

Mujhse Dosti Karoge!

Another attribute of adventure travelers that is fascinating is their wish to mingle with local communities and seeing life from their point of view. Irrespective of destinations, they are the first to approach local people with a disarming mujhse dosti karoge attitude. They learn their language, revel in their culture, taste their cuisine and find out all about in-come and lifestyle. Leisure travelers stick to their periphery of familiarity, looking at the festivals, rituals and lifestyle of natives as outsiders.

Box Office Verdict: Mujhse dosti karoge is the right approach towards knowing a community from within. Intimate bonding with aboriginals of a place allows us to see a vision of life which is otherwise out of our reach.


Like the film Udaan that dwells on a teenager’s desire to chase his passion for writing against his father’s will, an adventure traveler dreams of traveling solo. The independence I felt while travelling solo is till date unmatched. More conventional leisure travelers typically travel with family, relatives or big gang of friends and their families. After all what is leisure time without a big family gossiping or tanning together.

Box Office Verdict: Travelling alone evokes a deeper connection with the inner-self. In my case it made me more alert to my surroundings, stretching wings I never knew before in udaan.

Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

Sleepless in the middle of no-where or eating Maggi after being stuck in a land-slide for a day, nothing breaks the spirit of an adventurer. Leisure travelers ring up the customer care service of their travel booking company at the slightest of emergencies. Having no customer care numbers to dial, an adventurer will wave aside setbacks saying, jaane bhi do yaaron.

Box Office Verdict: Venting irritation at the room service for bringing the dosa late or changing hotel for petty reasons like a drippy faucet can waste lots of time and even ruin the trip. A little patience and a shrug of the shoulders saying “jaane bhi do yaaron” is the right traveling attitude.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

Different attitudes and mindsets make adventure travelers and leisure travelers stand poles apart in their Andaz Apna Apna. Despite their contradictions, each clan of traveler can take some cues from the other’s travelling style, taking their traveling graph to new heights.

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