Acer Predator X27 Review

Acer Predator X27 Review

Acer Predator X27 Review

by May 13, 2017
Acer Predator

Gaming monitors are the new trends followed by avid gamers and strategic techno-preneurs alike. With numerous users taking interest in these devices, tech giants are striving hard to create exceptional experiences. Asus had started off in January with a 4K HDR gaming monitor that can run at 144 Hz. That’s not all; the company also created exceptional display thus ensuring unsurpassed experiences for users.

Taking cue of this innovation, Acer has also come up with its own gaming monitor – the ‘Predator X27’, this particular model also offers a myriad of features. With a 4K resolution, G-Sync HDR, and 144 Hz speed rate, this HD gaming monitor has everything a prolific gamer can ask for!

The display happens to be the key highlight of this gadget and is also the prime reason for its popularity. Take a look at the stunning features and check out what’s there for you!

  1. Display and more

The 27 inch curved LED monitor features quantum dot tech, 384-zone local dimming, and HDR contrast. These features are expected to elevate the visual experience a gamer derives while playing his/ her favorite game on this monitor

  1. The ULMB technology

Acer has also packed in the Ultra- Low Motion Blur or the ULMB technology in the Acer Predator X27. This particular display technology has the power to create fast and smooth on-screen experiences – a must-have essential for modern day gamers who love to simulate life-like experiences on the digital screen.

  1. Eye tracking

Acer’s products are revolutionary and innovative in their own way. The presence of ‘Tobii eye tracking’ makes the device even more desirable. You will find this feature in some of Acer’s other gaming laptops too and allows a user to better control the game.

  1. The growth ‘curve.’

The company has also made quite a few significant changes in the shape of the monitor. With a stylishly curved Z271UV monitor, 2560 x 1440 4K resolution, and overclocking feature of upto 165 Hz., there’s no denying the spectacular experiences offered by the device.

  1. Price predictions

With such display features, you can’t expect the gadget to be cheap. According to market predictions, Acer will surely price it quite high because of the high-end features packed in it. However, prolific gamers will have the best time using this device and work on it. What you can expect is that the price range shouldn’t high above your limits.

Predicting the future

Other than the cutting edge features, Acer Predator X72 comes with a spectacular sound system. You will find 2 speakers 7 watts capacity, which will make your gaming experience better than ever!

Acer products belong to the topmost quality standards, and this trustworthiness has provided a huge impetus to gamers with this product. The spec sheet shows that Acer has managed to maintain a nice balance between display resolution and gaming performance – thus making it a potential best-seller for gaming enthusiasts.