by January 14, 2016

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Better late than never” is the adage people used when Netflix finally announced its arrival to India at the CES 2016 keynote. A popular video streaming service with more than 69 million users globally, Netflix is considered the legal alternative to the torrents that viewers use across India.

The world’s most popular video streaming service not only hosts TV shows and movies, but can also be credited as the creator of many original content, made for the web. If you stand thrilled by the constant plot twists and switch on the Kevin Spacey starrer political drama ‘House of Cards’, you may want to thank Netflix, its original programmer.

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Netflix will be available for free for the first month for every user across India, and thereafter, will charge Rs. 500 to watch content on a single screen for one time.

Now, before you get all excited about watching your favorite show online without feeling guilty about stepping into the grey world of torrents, you may want to get a hang on the situation… not all TV shows or movies available on the U.S Netflix is available for streaming on the Indian Netflix. What can we do about it? Thankfully, something.

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If there is content you badly want to watch and cannot wait until Netflix gets the particular show’s or movie’s global license, then you could make use of something known as VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. What exactly does this VPN thingy do, you ask? Well, a VPN connects your computer and internet to any country of your preference, making it appear to be in that country whereas it is in fact, in India.

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The idea sounds great, doesn’t it? If you want to partake in this completely legal way of watching any content from the vast library of TV shows and movies of U.S’ Netflix, then all you need to do is download the NordVPN app or set it up on your device. NordVPN has recently launched an app for Mac whose user-friendly interface needs you to simply click/ tap on ‘ON’ in order to connect you to the fastest server in the country of your choice, in this case, the U.S. Once you are connected to the U.S server, log in to Netflix and start streaming to your heart’s desire (Or as per the fees you have paid!)

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Furthermore, with the SmartPlay option, you can connect to any server and immediately access the available resources for streaming without having to link up different servers for each option.

All said and done, it remains to be seen if the Indian audience will warm up to the idea of paying to watch TV shows and movies when they can simply make use of torrents, or watch the show/movie when it hits the TV programming. Until then, happy streaming with the (slow) Indian internet services!