A Sneak Peak into the New iOS 9 Features Leaks

A Sneak Peak into the New iOS 9 Features Leaks

A Sneak Peak into the New iOS 9 Features Leaks

by May 26, 2015
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When you think of Apple, you keep wondering what next is the company throw at you? It not even a month yet since Apple bought out the swanky new Apple Watch that was received with glee in the market. There has rumours about Apple launching a brand new smart phone model somewhere around July or August. Amidst all these there is Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June and the speculation is rife that the event will provide insiders information about the latest Operating System, iOS 9 that the company is working on for all its smart devices.

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As always Apple has maintained strict confidentiality about the release of new operating system. Albeit Apple has kept a tight lid around new OS, some rumours suggest that the launch of iOS 9 will bring an end for the iPhone 4S model. The leaks also suggest that the company is working hard on providing interface short cuts and creating better app integration. The company is also focusing on improving the Siri functioning. With the leaks doing rounds, it has already intrigued the Apple fans and raised a few questions among them, some of the most popular questions are addressed below:

When will the iOS 9 released?

Going by the past records of Apple, full new version of iOS is released after a couple of months after conculsion of WWDC. This year the event is scheduled to be held between 8th and 12th June. Rumours are abuzz that Apple will roll out the iOS 8.4 at the event. As far as iOS 9 is concerned it would not be rolled out until August. It is highly likely thought that Apple may roll out the new OS along with the new iteration of iPhone, which is also expected to be released around August.

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Will it be compatible for all Apple Devices?

If you are using an Apple device that is not recharged with the Lightning connector, you would need to consider an upgrade as the new OS will not be compatible with it. Last year, when Apple released, iOS 8 it make the iPhone 4 obselete and there is high possibility that the iPhone 4S will be in firing line this time. With the release of new OS, all the Apple devices would be in line with the same charging option and it may well be the end of 30 pin connector.

What is the download size?

One of the leaked news suggest that Apple is concerned about the size of the new OS. Last year when iOS 8 hit the market it required users to free up to 4.6 GB, which was a significant amount of space for users using an 8 GB and 16 GB devices. The big download size received a lot of flak from the users and this something Apple will be keen to sort out. However, it is uncertain that if the new OS will be any smaller, at least we can hope so.

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How is the new interface looking?

While iOS 8 came out last year, it had a few flaws, it was quite glitch and it also drained battery. Apple has learnt its lesson and given its reputation for bringing out the best and the most innovative product, the team working on iOS 9 is making a huge effort to improve speed and stability. The new OS is also getting a lot of attention about its size so that it is more manageable for users with an 8 GB and 16 GB devices. Rumours suggest that the new OS will have a lot of new shortcuts, which will make accessing the main menu more fun and easy.

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What about Siri?

Rumour has it that iOS 9 will bring a newer and better version of Siri. The digital assistant has already got a colourful upgrade with the Apple Watch but with the new OS it is hoped that users will get to see a lot more than the wavy lines. Since Apple has let Siri languishing, let’s hope Apple comes out bang with Siri to give a stiff competition to Cortana and Google Now.

It would be no surprise if the leaked features become a reality; we have got to wait till the WWDC to hear about the latest update about the new OS from the horse’s mouth itself.