A Mini-LED iPad And AirPods 3 Is Expected To Be Launched In ’21

A Mini-LED iPad And AirPods 3 Is Expected To Be Launched In ’21

A Mini-LED iPad And AirPods 3 Is Expected To Be Launched In ’21

by November 18, 2020

2020 was a busy year for Apple as we have witnessed quite a few devices like Watch Series 6, HomePod Mini, iPads, MacBooks, and iPhone 12 series in the last 3 months. In recent developments, Ming-Chi Kuo, a TFI Securities analyst who carries quite an exemplary record in revealing correct info about Apple devices, has revealed a few details regarding some launches in 2021.

If we are to believe the latest research papers of the analysts that are received by the investors, the trillion-dollar brand Apple is planning to introduce an iPad with a mini-LED display panel. The details are also revealing the LED display will be supplied primarily by a Taiwan-based OEM, Career Technology. TFI Securities also revealed that Apple will also introduce AirPods 3 in the early or second-quarter of 2021.

iPad with the mini-LED panel: Expected features

The use of a mini-LED panel will boost the display by adding deeper blacks and a better contrast ratio when compared to the existing LCD panels. A mini-LED will come with much smaller LEDs varying from 1000 to 10000 in numbers whereas the LCD panel will sport regular-sized LEDs. The iPads that are currently available in the market sports an LCD screen with LED-backlit tech on board. The mini-LED tech will improve the image and video quality, however, it will still be far from the quality offered by OLED panels.

As the mini-LED panels are not quite expensive to manufacture, it is expected that Apple will use this screen technology on future MacBooks and iPads. In early 2020, Ming-Chi stated that the brand will reveal a range of devices with mini-LED tech. According to the analyst, the devices, a 27” iMac Pro, a 14.1” MacBook Pro, a 12.9” iPad Pro, a 10.7” iPad, and a 16” MacBook Pro along with a 7.9” iPad Mini will be introduced later in 2021.

The TFI Securities claims that the mini-LED iPad Mini will enter the production line in early 2021. Career Technology will be the OEM not only for the mini-LED iPad but also for the upcoming iPhone 13 and AirPods 3. The analyst also claimed that AirPods 3 will hit the production line with the iPad Mini. These next-gen AirPods will feature a system-in-package technology and the design will be the same as AirPods Pro.

Coming to the expected improvements from the last year’s Pro, AirPods 3 will sport an improved wireless chip and more optimized battery. These TWS earbuds will fall more towards the budget-segment as it won’t feature more advanced features such as Active Noise Cancellation, etc.

Until now, Apple has used some kind of mixed board for its iPhone batteries, however, thanks to Career Technology, the batteries are now expected to be completely based on soft board for upcoming iPhone models. Not only it will be significantly helpful in reducing the cost, but it will also increase the space internally to house bigger batteries.