by May 25, 2015
asus vivo smart watch review

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In this formidable market of tech wearables, Asus is an old time player. Its ZenWatch garnered a lot of acclaim and gained many fans. However, the ZenWatch soon got a sibling named “VivoWatch” which is promoted as the perfect fitness tracker that meets the user’s needs. Coming with a price tag of about Rs. 9, 000, it does well to see if the VivoWatch really stands true to what it boasts of offering- a 10 day long battery life and a fitness tracker for all your needs.

asus vivo smart watch battery life

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As mentioned, the VivoWatch is all about fitness. It measures the user’s steps, calories, heart rate, sleep quality and even UV level, making it good fitness wearable. The user may swipe horizontally to go through the pulse reader, the alarm, the daily activity log (for steps and calories) and the UV level detector.

asus vivo smart watch features

Vertical swiping will take the user through the daily exercise log which shows the total exercise time and the period of aerobic activity engaged in by the user, daily sleep log which includes total sleep time and period of comfort sleep, and a happiness index based on a combination of exercise quality and sleep quality, and all-day heart rate monitoring. In the Exercise Mode, the front- facing LED indicates whether your heart rate is within the optimal range (green) or not (red). You can later sync this data with your phone using Bluetooth. What’s more is that the VivoWatch will also congratulate you if and when you meet your daily target of burning calories or walking/running a preset number of steps.

asus vivo smart watch led indicator

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Asus has used its self- developed, real- time operating system called KoodOS, a low-power processor, to help extend the battery life of the VivoWatch to 10 days. To make sure the VivoWatch does not use more power, it is equipped with a 1.28-inch, 128 x 128-pixel, low-power, black-and-white memory LCD which works well when in sunlight and is backlit for indoor usage. To charge the Smartwatch, the user simply needs to attach the charging portal to the back of the watch and in about an hour or two the watch will be fully charged.

asus vivo smart watch lcd screen

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The design is quite suave and chic with slightly rounded stainless steel frame with a glossy metal finish. The glossy finish does bring with it the small problem of fingerprint markings. The curved screen is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for a good measure of durability seeing how the VivoWatch is more of a sport swatch. It also has a rating of IP67 meaning that it is dust-tight and can remain intact under a meter of water for 30 minutes. The strap is made of plastic instead of leather. Although the user can switch it with any other 22mm strap.

All in all, the VivoWatch is a good option if you’re looking for a basic health tracker. With the constant updates that the watch is getting, hopefully it will enable it to run more apps and make it a better SMARTwatch.