It is Better to be Safe than Feel Sorry – A Guide for Safe Online Shopping

It is Better to be Safe than Feel Sorry – A Guide for Safe Online Shopping

It is Better to be Safe than Feel Sorry – A Guide for Safe Online Shopping

by October 15, 2015

safe online shopping


We all know that the shopping habits of the modern consumers have evolved greatly. Long gone are the days when people used to feel happy about going out on a Sunday evening for shopping with family, instead they prefer to browse through the website together and order the things online. You may call it a lazy practice or taking the easy way, but the reality is we all love online shopping. And why not? There is literally nothing to not like about online shopping.

Now that ecommerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon are running their mega sale, ‘Big Billion Days’ and ‘The Great Indian Festive Sale’ respectively, shopping has become even more fun!

Apart from the obvious benefit of the comfort shopping, you get to buy things for the entire family under one roof, which saves your time and energy from hopping around different stores. You get a huge variety of brands both renowned and lesser ones. The selection of things is easy, every item is neatly categorized under different sections, and you need not have to run around from rakes to the counter. There is no need to bargain, you simply use the coupon codes and get your discount on your purchases. Lastly, you need not carry those heavy bags; online shopping gives you the liberty of getting things delivered to your door step.

Having said all these, we keep hearing and reading all those horror stories about online shopping where they got the wrong package or been cheated off their money. Although, these instances are quite rare and unfortunate, you surely don’t want to be at the receiving end of such incidents and we at Compareraja want to give all our readers a few handy tips to buy big ticket items online safely and get the best deal:

Pick the Right Store

The key to getting the best time is to choose the right store. It is highly recommended to pick the top line stores like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon or Paytm (in no specific order). Indeed, you need to compare the prices at all these sites and make your buying decision accordingly.

choose the right store


You must know that the prices of the products at the online store are very volatile and they keep fluctuating several times in a single day. There is a great possibility that you bought something one day and you find that the price of the same has gone down the next day, there is hardly anything that you can do about it. But, what you can surely do is to be a Smart Shopper and do a simple Google search for the product you wish to buy and compare the Prices, which makes your decision making easy.

Choose the Right Seller

choose the right online seller

Once you have made your decision in choosing the right store, pick the right seller too. Most online stores are simply a marketplace where there are plenty of sellers involved. A good seller would essentially have the following traits:

  • A list of positive customer testimonials

  • Shipping the products to your doorstop for a nominal price or offer free shipping

  • Feature market place co-branding like Flipkart Advantage, Snapdeal Fulfilled or Amazon Fulfilled.

Good Return Policies

return and refund policies


The biggest benefit of buying things from top online stores is that they offer you easy returns and refunds policy. In case you receive the wrong product or if you receive the product you ordered but you think it is not right as it looked while you chose it, the return policies lets you get a replacement product or get your money back. Before you buy any product from any store, make sure you check and read about the return polices of the seller. This would not only save your time but also would help you avoid the need for taking it to the Social Media and write stuff about the seller to shame about them.

Payment Methods

safe online payment methods


Most of the online stores today provide plenty of convenient payment options for the customers. To make your online shopping experience simpler and safer by using a certified PayPal account to make your payments or you can use your Debit/Credit cards. There are some retailers who also accept COD, and bank transfers. Choose the option that you feel is safe, typically, most of the online retailers today have a secured payment gateway.

Read the Fine Print

read fine print


If there is a survey done on the amount of people who read the terms and conditions before buying things online, I am pretty sure that the number would be quite shameful. It is sad that a large number of Indians are so ignorant when it comes to ‘Online Shopping’, they don’t even pay heed to the terms and condition, which is what exactly gives the retailer a upper hand in making a fool out of the customers. So next time you purchase anything online ‘Don’t be a Ullu’ carefully read the T&C to know if you have to pay the shipping bills, time of delivery, warranty details and return policies. This would help you know your rights in case of any fraud.