8 Voice Commands for Cortana to help you get through the day

8 Voice Commands for Cortana to help you get through the day

8 Voice Commands for Cortana to help you get through the day

by April 26, 2015
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Having a personal assistant sounds absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it? But unfortunately not many of us could afford to have a personal assistant, in person that is. Wait a minute, do you really need a person to assist you when you can have a digital assistant. Yes, a digital assistant, thanks to Microsoft, another great invention, Cortana, has come to the fore which is a personal assistant, guide, informer and even a companion if you need her to be. Just like you would ask your assistant to do task for you, Cortana takes voice commands and executes things.

You can check the weather, plan your schedule and do everything that is possible to do on your mobile phone by giving voice commands. While there are a few useful voice commands that help you get your task done, some will help you kill time and you’d be surprised at how witty and entertaining Cortana can be.

cortana funny response

So here’s a list of 8 voice commands for Cortana that will help you get through your busy days.

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Like a diligent secretary, once you say text followed by the name of the person from your contacts list, she will type the message you dictate and send it across so that you can use your 2 hands for more important tasks.

Wake me up in…’

Imagine you are jam packed with work and you decide to take a powernap to clear your head. Who’s going to wake you up? The answer is of course Cortana! Just utter the words ‘wake me up in 20 minutes’ or any suitable time and she’ll make sure that you do wake up no matter what!

cortana reminder

What’s the status of…?’

Whether you want to dig out an old investigation or get an update on flight and train timings, Cortana will be your savior and inform you everything you need to know.

cortana flight status

Get driving directions’

Now with our hands on the wheel, it’s impossible to look for directions with a map. Cortana is your hands free guide who will give you directions to any place you need to be. All you have to do is ask.

cortana driving direction

Play music’

If you’re someone who stores music in your phone, then you don’t have to use your hands every time you want to change the song that randomly comes up in your shuffle playlist. Just ask Cortana for the song you want to listen to and she’ll become your personal DJ as well.

cortana play music

What are the headlines?’

If quickly browsing through the headlines is your thing during your daily commute to work, you do not have to bear the inconvenience of carrying a newspaper with you anymore. You don’t even need to use your hands to ask for some news, just use your voice command and you’ll get what you asked for.

What song is this’

The nagging feeling we get when we listen to a familiar song but can’t name it is something that we all face. But thanks to Cortana, you can now find out what tune it is with just a voice command.

Where am I?’

Getting lost with Cortana in your hands is utterly impossible now! Within a minute of your voice command, she will tell you your exact location and give you directions to get out of there.