8 Tips To Take Brilliant Photos Through Your Smartphone

by November 14, 2014

smartphone-cameraBuying a Smartphone these days has become a matter of convenience as well as it happens to be the best owned handy device to click amazing pictures anywhere and everywhere. However, trying to figure out the tricks of clicking some great pictures through your Smartphone always remains a question. Hence we have jotted down a list of some easy and quick doable tricks and tips to excel in smart photography.

So for all you photo enthusiasts, here we are, to give you some tips and tricks to master the art of photography through your Smartphone:

  1. Click!! : Prefer using a higher megapixel camera which has a better front and rear view. Adjust the flash/No flash according to your wish (Specially if you’re in the sunlight ) Make sure the device fits best in your hands so that you avoid blurry images with pixels. Follow this and you shall get an amazing snap of yours!
  2. Go for editing rather than Filter : If you want your images to look genuine and natural, go for the editing options by adjusting the brightness, ambiance, contrast and color saturation features. Also if you wish you can also upload some great editing Apps such as SnapSeed, PhotoshopExpress, or iPhoto for a better experience. So if you don’t want your buddies to nag and poke you over fake looking images get smart and try these tricks!
  3. Do Not Overdo The Editing Either : Adding extra effects such as blurr, transitions, bubbles, colorful lights, etc will do nothing great to your image buy just rupture the quality and look of it. Hence it’s taken that you should never go extreme with your editing.
  4. Watch out the lens flare : Apparently this has been the most trending thing in mobile photography these days. Here’s what it means— When you click a picture, tiny lenses are more prone to wacky effects of the light. Hence you can actually play over it the way you want. A bright flair background will really look stylish over a vibrant image. So adjusting your camera shutter in the opposite direction of light will give you a magnificent picture!
  5. Forget the zooming features : Marketers are going crazy and are getting obsessed with the thinner phones trend. It’s like challenging the technology in every single manner. Trying to inculcate a usable zoom in an extremely thinner piece of gadget becomes a difficult task altogether. Hence most of the devices do not give you a better picture quality when zoomed. Hence ditch the zoom and click at natural dimension!
  6. Check your Auto mode : It’s very important to know how the auto mode works on your phone. The camera with good auto mode features will always give you a better clarity of pictures. Learn how it takes higher ISOs, when it uses long shutter speeds, because accordingly you can adjust the way of your click!
  7. Use HDR Mode : High Dynamic Range is something which defines the intensity of light any camera focus can capture in one click. For e.g. dark shadows, sunlight reflection, bright areas are difficult to capture. This is where the HDR mode comes in to picture. Switching on your camera’s HDR mode enables you to capture these images perfectly.
  8. Upgrade your phone with some amazing Photography Apps : There is actually nothing wrong in the standard android camera App. However, did you know that there are several Apps available for better experience? Here are some of the best ones to mention, Camera Zoom FX, Camera Awesome, Camera +, CameraFV-5, Photoshop CC, PixelWakker, Sktchy, Frametastic and some more. So make a great use of these apps and experience the magic on your phone!

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-31If wildlife photography and nature photography interests you the most, don’t forget to follow the lights adjusting tip which will actually give you a clearer picture quality if you shoot in the opposite direction of the sunlight. Other interested people can check out the features and specifications of some higher camera resolution devices and choose the best one for you according to your usage preference. However it is extremely important to watch out your mobile’s compatibility and features, try experimenting with new styles and ways to get the best view. You may also consider checking your photography skills by comparing your images to that of an advanced DSLR or a DigiCam.

Also, make the best use of your camera focus and shutters, along with editing options. Try shooting in all possible areas and light dimensions. If you have any in-built upgraded photography Apps, make a smart usage of it. So, now if you’re planning to buy a high resolution camera Smartphone, here are a few to mention; Lenovo VibeX2, iPhone 5s, Micromax Canvas Knight, HTC Desire & others.