8 hacks using a cloth iron

8 hacks using a cloth iron

8 hacks using a cloth iron

by June 20, 2017
8 hacks using a cloth iron

Irons are meant to iron clothes. Do you also believe so? Do you think that a cloth iron can be used for anything else apart from making clothes wrinkle free? Come let’s change your perception and share 8 different and innovative hacks, which will prove that clothing irons are not just meant for laundry any longer.

Repair dents on wood

All of us have some or other wood piece of furniture around us. With time a little wear n tear is too common. Dents on wood don’t look pleasant to our eye. You can simply use your cloth iron to smoothen these dents. All you need to do is, wet the area where the scratch is and cover it with a wet paper towel. Warm your iron and rub it on the area, using circular motions. Do this for several minutes and do keep checking by lifting the cloth. The heat from the iron and the dampness from the cloth will help in raising the wood back to its original position, resulting in no or a bare hint of the former dent. Soft wood acts best with this technique.

Repair dents on wood

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Remove Wax

You have just enjoyed a candlelit dinner are in one of your best moods. Heck, no there is a wax stain on your favourite tablecloth or carpet or the table where the candle was placed. Donno what to do? Your cloth iron comes handy. After the wax has dried completely, scrape the maximum you can using a butter knife. Place a paper tower on the affected area, warm your cloth iron and rub it on the area in circular motion. The heat will melt the wax and the paper towel will absorb all the wax. Remember to keep iron on low heat, else you might burn something.

Remove wax

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Seal and store food

You can use iron to seal plastic bags. You can easily keep food in airtight conditions away from outside dust, insects and other encroachers. All you need to do is keep all the stuff you wish to keep inside the plastic bag and cover the open edges with an aluminium foil. Ensure that nothing is coming out from the open edges. Now put your iron on low heat and rub it over the aluminium foil. Once the foil has cooled off completely simply remove it and Voila! Your plastic bag is sealed. You can even repair a torn plastic bag using this technique.

Seal plastic bag

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Remember all those art classes where you had to collect and paste flowers and leaves in your craft book. You would keep them for days between your diary, for it to dry. Now you can easily do this in a days’ time. Simply take two sheets of paper towel. Keep the foliage or flower your choice between the two sheets. Keep a heavy book or weight on it for few hours. Once it has flattened remove the weight and place a warm iron on it for few minutes. You can even use wax paper instead or paper towel if you wish to laminate these flowers or foliage and use them for décor or gifting purposes.

Remove water stains from wood

We have already talked about repairing wooden dents, similarly iron can remove waters stains too. You might have spilled water or may have kept a hot cup of coffee causing a ring stain on your favourite piece of furniture. Heat stain looks really ugly. To remove you simply need to place a thin piece of cloth on the area that needs your attention. Set the iron on low heat, with steam switched on. glide the iron on the cloth several times till the stain vanished.


Seriously. We aren’t joking. Yes, you read it right. You can even cook using your cloth iron. You can cook egg or grill a cheese sandwich with ease. Make a makeshift aluminium foil pan and place it on a hot iron. Once it has warmed up, crack 1-2 eggs on it. Put salt and pepper and let it cook for 6-10 minutes. And your sunny side up eggs are ready. Similarly, for grilled cheese sandwich place 1-2 slices of cheese between two bread slices. Add seasoning of your choice. Pack aluminium foil all over it nicely. Now place the hot iron on one side of the foil for 5 minutes and reverse the side. Your nicely brown grilled sandwich is ready to eat.

Cooking eggs

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Remove carpet stains

Got a stain on your caper or rug. It is definitely an eye sore. If you have a fabric cleaning solution, iron and a rough cloth then you need not bother giving your rub for dry cleaning. All you need to do is enough cleaning solution on the stain, ensuring that the carpet is damn enough. Next place the rough cloth, put you iron on medium heat and glide in the cloth several times. Keep repeating this process till the stain has vanished. You can use the similar method to remove furniture dents from carpets. You just have to replace cleaning solution by water and use steam also when ironing the surface.


Got some important documents that you want to send for lamination. Running out of time. Worry no more. You can use your cloth iron and laminate your papers in jiffy. All your need is plastics sheets, paper towels and iron placed on medium heat. Press your document between two plastic sheets and cover is with 2-3 paper towels. Glide your iron on the paper towel several times. And you have got your paper laminated as good as you will get it from the market.

There are so many cool things apart from just removing wrinkles off your clothes, that a cloth iron can do. So go and try these easy hacks and make use of this incredible versatile family gadget.