8 great apps that teach kids skills, the fun way

8 great apps that teach kids skills, the fun way

8 great apps that teach kids skills, the fun way

by November 13, 2014

It’s not something new to see a kid with an Android tablet these days. Some toddlers know their way on a tablet even before they learn to talk. A smartphone is the coolest gift a kid could get his/her birthday and most parents willingly oblige. These kids are probably going to use their smartphones and tablets much more than a grown up, out of sheer excitement.

More so, there is much debate on the influence of technology on children. While for some, it is a concern that kids might get into no good with these hi tech devices, there are loads of apps specially designed to give your child the right kind of entertainment. Some of these apps even help the child develop skills that can help them in future.

Moose Math

moose maths

Need your child to improve on Math, well try a game like Moose Math. Released by a children’s publisher Duck Duck Moose, this game encourages the child to do simple additions, subtractions and a lot of counting. The main aim of the game is for the child to rescue a few pets and build their very own virtual city.

Slice Fractions

slice fraction

Does your child dread doing fractions? Slice fraction is one game that will make him/her want to do fractions in order to get an adorable mammoth through ice and lava. The game is super fun and is loaded with over 60 puzzles.

Ladybird: I’m Ready to Spell


Here is an app that can even teach your kid to spell. Using a space theme, this app teaches kids some important spellings in a fun and easy way. It also offers a lot of exercises for kids to practice along with three short games. A rocket showcases the progress the child makes.

Toy Story: Story Theatre

toy story

This Disney app challenges kids to explore their creative side by encouraging them to create their own story based on the Toy Stories films. Using their own voice, children can provide narration to a story in which they themselves can choose the characters, the events and the actions.

FriendStrip Kids Pro


Which kid wouldn’t want to be the star of a comic strip? This app really created a buzz, even getting it incorporated into the syllabus of a few schools. The app allows the child to create their very own comic strip and be the main character. The child can involve everyone from their friends to their toys in order to complete the strips.

Petting Zoo

petting zoo

For those with kids who simply love animals and want to have pets of their own, Petting Zoo is an app that allows children to interact with 21 animated animals. By simply swiping the screen, the animated creature performs for your child and brings a smile to their face.

Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2

dr pandas restaurant

Some toddlers just love to cook but you simply can’t allow them in the kitchen at such a young age. A good alternative would be to get the Dr Panda’s Restaurant 2 app where they can work at a cartoon restaurant and make some tasty virtual meals.

The Pirate Princess

pirate princess

Every child loves a good story to dream about as they go to sleep. There is no better story teller than the Pirate Princess app. It tells a tale of Princess Isabel and a pirate who are off on an adventure. It also has a couple of mini games to keep your child engaged.

New technology might provide new challenges for kids but with the use of right apps and it could be a blessing. Try these educational and entertaining apps to help your child develop.