7 Tricks To Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

7 Tricks To Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

7 Tricks To Extend Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

by December 5, 2015
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Have you ever stuck in a situation where you had to make an urgent phone call but couldn’t do so because your phone died? Silly question! Isn’t it? Let’s admit it we have all faced such situation at least once. So, instead I am going to ask you how often do you find yourself in such a sticky situation and what have you done to ensure your phone battery never dies when you need it the most. You may probably answer, I carry a Power bank to charge my phone on the go or you may say I carry an extra battery in my pocket. Smart move! But not wise. What if you improve the battery life of your Android phone and keep your phone running for a longer time. We at Compareraja understand the hassles of the most underlying problems of Android phone users. So, here are some of the valuable tips to stop your Android phone battery from dying.

Use Black Wallpaper

If your phone features an AMOLED screen, use a dark colour background or a black wallpaper to save your battery. If you are wondering how does that help? Well, then you must know that the AMOLED screens illuminate only the coloured pixels on the screen, whereas, the black pixels are not lit. So the more darker pixels you have or the more black area you have on your wallpaper, the lesser battery will be consumed to light them up.

Black wallpaper for phone


With the advent of the new Android OS, Marshmallow, your Android phones will have an amazing new feature called Doze. It is basically designed to help you get the best out of your device’s battery. The feature is enabled by default and it allows your device to go into a hibernation mode when it is not used for a prolonged period. This implies that it saves your phone’s battery by 25-30% while you are dozing off at night; your phone too gets the much required rest and it loses only 3-5% of battery during night.

doze settings

Source: youtube.com

Use Short Screen Time out Setting

This is one of the simplest ways to improve your battery life. Go to the settings menu and change the display screen time setting to the shortest time you think is perfect for you. Just think about it, if you have to choose the screen timeout to be 1 minute instead of 15 seconds, your phone will be using 4 times more battery every time you switch on your screen. Research, suggests that on an average a smart phone user turn on their device about 150 times a day, so even the simplest of things that you can do to limit the frequency of use, you can have a significant effect on your phone’s battery life.

short screen time out setting


Use only Original Batteries

No matter which Android phone you are using, make sure that you use only original batteries of the respective brands only. Going for a cheaper battery may save a few little bucks, but might cost you a huge amount in the long run by causing damage to your phone. Not to mention, the cheaper batteries are notorious for delivering sub-standard performance.

fake batteries

Source: consumerreportscdn.org 

Stay updated

Most of the apps you use in your phone, would receive regular updates. The moment you see any notification for new updates, get the app updated. Don’t let your app fall behind times. One of the major reasons why the app developers release the updates apart from fixing the apps is to optimize the battery efficiency of your device. Updating your apps regularly would also mean that you get to use all the latest features. Just as it is important to update the app, it is equally important to delete the old and unused apps as it would be running in the background and unnecessarily eating up your battery life.

update apps

Source: www.rvgtricks.com

Google Hotwords – Turn it off

There are several things that secretly consume the phone battery without your knowledge and Google Hotword is one of them. Unless, you regularly use the voice searching option to command Google to show up the searches that you want, it is best advised to turn off the Google Hotword as it is one of the worst nemesis of battery life.

Turn off google hotword


To turn off the Hotwords, Go to ‘Google Settings’ and click on the voice heading and then select OK Google tab. Under this menu, tick off all the options that are clicked to save your battery. However, if you are a fan of OK Google, leave the ‘From the Google App’ box tick to ensure that your device is listening to you while you surf any of the Google apps.

Stop being possessive

Well, this may sound weird and probably even outright stupid, but just ask yourself a question, do you really need to check your phone as regularly as you do now? Hmm… (Admit it, you just answered NO to yourself) Am I right? The screen is the biggest sucker of battery and every time you switch on the screen it drains the battery a bit. Try to hold back your urge to check your screen every now and then and see the huge difference in how your battery performs better and longer.

Follow these simple tricks and we are sure it will help you save battery life to a great extend!