7 Smart Ways To Use NFC Tags

7 Smart Ways To Use NFC Tags

7 Smart Ways To Use NFC Tags

by October 13, 2015

Looking to buy a new Smartphone? Yes? Want one with 4G? A 5.5″ screen which supports HD resolution? Maybe a… Smartphone with a 20MP camera? Hmm… What about NFC? Have you checked the technical specifications to see if your poetical Smartphone contains this technology? Most likely not. Most of us are unaware of this technology, called ‘Near Field Communication’. A highly untapped force of technology, we thought it was about time to make Smartphone users aware of the different uses of this technology. All you need to do is program a tag and your device will enable it to carry out various tasks! Listed below are a few creative ways in which you could use your NFC enabled phone:

1. Work in peace!

Source: theunwired.net

How many times has your phone begun to buzz in the middle of your treadmill run or during a office meeting? A good way to avoid this is to program an NFC tag, a simple sticker that you can buy from any mobile store or order online, to switch your Smartphone to Flight Mode and even have it turn on your favourite playlist!

2. @Home Sweet Home

Source: avisian.com

Your wife, husband, or kid is not the one who greets you as you ring the doorbell. Program an NFC tag to recognise your phone and let it turn on your phone’s Wi-Fi, switch off the Bluetooth, lower your ringer volume to a preset as you enter your peaceful haven.

3. Get, Set, Go!

 Source: elumina.tv

If you have a car and wish to make your driving experience more pleasant, you could get an NFC tag that switches on your phone’s Bluetooth, connects it to the car system automatically and plays your favourite songs. Furthermore, it can be programmed to switch on Google Map to help you navigate those pesky little lanes with ease.

4. Lose your sleep over it!

Source: alluremedia.com.au

Well, not in a bad way! You could attach the tag to maybe your bathroom door or nearby coffee machine or your bed side table so that you HAVE to get rid of your “snooze”ing habits, get up and switch it off. This way, your NFC tag is now your alarm as well!

5. Save Power

Source: makeuseof.com

We often forget to switch off our 3G or Bluetooth when we hit the bed. A good way to avoid this is to have an NFC tag near your bedside which detects your device and switches off these power draining features on your phone.

6.Your business card, now readable

Source: plastekcards.com

Carrying business cards is passé. There is always a risk of running out of them, or even misplacing them. With NFC technology, the user can now carry a tag with them, perhaps in their wallet, and have the newly formed associate scan the tag for your business information. Sweet, isn’t it?!

7. Provide Wi-Fi access to guests


All of us have those annoying guests (yes yes, we belong to that category too!) who keep asking us for the password to our home Wi-Fi. What better way to get rid of the constant pestering than to keep an NFC tag in the guest room that allows them instant access to the Wi-Fi system without needing a password? The fact that the tag detects NFC enabled device in only about 10 cm distance ensures that nobody outside the house has access to the home Wi-Fi.

Surprised, aren’t you? Yes, your Smartphone is much smarter than you have given it credit for. Now that you know how to get the most out of your NFC enabled device, go ahead and get cracking on some custom NFC tags!