by February 19, 2016

Yes, yes, we’ve all heard about just how great the beautifully voiced Apple’s Siri can be. The voice assist, incorporated in perhaps the most premium Smartphone of our times, has a tremendous fan following… And no, she’s not even gorgeous. Or has a face. Siri’s appeal can be attributed to her quick and accurate responses and of course, her wit when you ask her a silly question such as, “Who’s your father, Siri?” As amusing as Siri may sound, there are quite a lot of other alternatives to Apple’s personal voice assist. Read on to find out what they are…

1. Windows Cortana

windows cortana

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Named after a character from Microsoft’s Halo franchise, Cortana is Windows baby, developed for Windows 8.1 and above. Apart from the usual tasks such as setting reminders, searching for nearby restaurants, etc. Cortana can also recognise music and tell you what song it is. One of the smoothest voice assists, Cortana is available for iOS and Android devices as well.

2. Google Now

android google now

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Android’s offering is what runs almost 70% smartphones across the globe. Named the ‘Innovation of the Year’ in 2012, Google Now finds a home in not only Android devices but also iOS and the Google Chrome browser. One of the best features about the voice assist is its intuitive and predictive responses. The fact that this is because of Google gathering and storing most of the user’s data such as search history is secondary!

3. SpeakToIt

speak toit

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Launched in 2011, SpeakToIt is a fun, interactive intelligent voice assist developed for all major platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Unlike the other popular voice assists, this one comes in an amusing cartoon avatar.

4. Vokul

vokul app

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Another popular iOS voice assist, Vokul can grace your phone for $2.99. The USP of Vokul lies in the fact that it is the most handsfree app that is in the market. You can simply say, “Hey Vokul”, and the app will be ready to do your bidding! This comes in handy when you’re covered in dough while cooking and need to send a text, or maybe urgently call your dinner date while driving to tell them you’re running late.

5. Dragon Go

dragon go

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Dragon Go is like the assistant who goes behind his/her call of duty and aids the boss! It will show you results from multiple relevant websites like Wikipedia, Yelp, Spotify, Twitter, etc. for comparison purposes so that you get the best response to your query. You can easily share your Dragon Go search results over social media with the help of the pop-up toolbar.

6. Evi


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Shocked by its resemblance to Siri, Apple had threatened to have Evi pulled out of the market. Thankfully, that did not happen and we have Evi running on our Android and even iOS devices. Evi can help you with your homework, and to help you bake the perfect chocolate cake… just ask her how!

7. EasilyDo

easily do

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EasilyDo is a great app for the frazzled office- goer. It can keep track of your schedule, remind you of your meetings, and even track a shipment! It doubles as a powerful email manager and streamlines your contact list to remove those annoying duplicate listings. With EasilyDo, you most definitely can EasilyDo!