6 Tips on how to save your Smartphone’s battery power

6 Tips on how to save your Smartphone’s battery power

6 Tips on how to save your Smartphone’s battery power

by December 8, 2014

Admit it, you cannot function normally without your smartphone – it’s your personal assistant that never fails to deliver except when it runs out of juice. Dreading those occasions when it has been unable to display the directions to a restaurant or conduct a mobile shopping transaction or more? Wish to prevent such embarrassing situations occurring again? Here’s our handy guide which states simple and easy to follow tips on how save on battery power for smartphones.


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Tip #1: Vibration Mode is an absolute no-no

Prefer to set your mobile on a vibration mode when at movie theaters or attending business meetings or other public places? But remember this mode consumes a lot of power and could drain out your phone’s battery fast in case frequent calls or messages being received on it. To conserve battery power, try to lower your ringtone’s volume to the minimum level and be available as well.

Tip #2: Lower the Brightness of the mobile screen

Each activity across the mobile phone gets reflected on your screen. If your screen brightness is set at a high level then more battery power is likely to be consumed as it displays an email alert or a text message notification and more. To be on the safe side, opt for Auto-brightness feature which will not only set the phone to readable brightness but help in conserving the battery power too. If you have normal eyesight, setting the brightness level to the minimum level could be a good idea too.

Tip #3: Reduce Apps and Remember to Close the Unused Ones

The more the number of apps on your smartphones, the more battery power is likely to be consumed. You could have downloaded a couple of apps you found appealing but are not using them frequently forget on a daily basis. These apps if left open, do consume power and hence it would be good idea to close them or kill them, if you wish to save on the power of your phone’s battery. Also, you could locate an app that effectively multi tasks your phone without using much power.

Tip #4: Enable GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G only when required

Locating signals to and from your smartphone definitely takes in much battery juice. This means you need to disable your GPS app, Bluetooth and other connectivity options when they are not in use. Of course, by all means you can stay connected through selective connectivity option which is available on most phones. This definitely helps you to save a great deal of battery juice. Also, you can always select these features as and when required. If at all, you are in no signal areas or low signal areas, you could switch to the battery saving Airplane mode.

Tip #5: Charge Your Battery Correctly

Just for your knowledge, there are two types of batteries – Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) and nickel based – Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) that are used in smartphones. Out of these two, Li-ion ones are much better in performance but they need frequent charging to keep their power to the brim rather than waiting for it to drain out completely. Also, on an infrequent basis, you could discharge it fully before a full charge (say once a month should be fine)

As compared to this, nickel based batteries need to be charged quite differently. NiCd batteries have to be charged when they are just down the last bar or run out of power rather charging them when they have more than half the power. Also, in the case of NiCd batteries, each recharge does lead to reduction in its battery capacity. So, an attempt to ascertain the type of battery fitted in your smartphone could go a long way in helping you to recharge it in the right manner and last relatively longer too.

Tip #6: Keep the phones at desired temperatures

Observations made reveal that smartphones drain out on their battery power when kept or used in warm conditions. To play safe, avoid using your phone in hot conditions or placing it on your car’s dashboard which is quite warm especially when you are driving. Pay a little more attention to place your phone in cooler and less warm areas which ensure that its battery power is retained for a longer time.

The smartphones of today are equipped with powerful OS such as iOS, Symbian, Android and more that deftly multitask as per your priorities – listen to music, play games online, click selfies and even share them instantly on Facebook and Twitter. Naturally, to undertake these activities lot of battery power is required and you may find the battery out of power in a single day or two, leading to its frequent recharge. In fact, to be on the safe side, do carry a battery charger or a power bank or a spare battery with you always.