by September 20, 2015

It is a ruthlessly competitive out there and more so in the tech world. With newer and newer brands coming up with innovative technologies, it is not uncommon to see the next “big thing” launched by one brand being copied by another. One man’s “copied” is another man’s “inspiration”, and such matters are always fickle in the court of law. Hence, it becomes crucial that a company applies for a copyright for all its unique designs so as to avoid any legal hassles in the future. The Cupertino based Apple Inc. correctly understands this, and thus applied for hundreds of patents in the U.S, and had a whopping 2003 of them granted last year! Let us take a look at some of these patents and see if we can come up with any innovative uses for these designs ourselves!

1. Text while you walk!

Source: tek-bull.com

With Apple’s patent that was requested in 2012, an Apple iPhone user will no longer have to “watch where they are going”…and how so? The simple yet brilliant idea attempts to allow the user to text while they are walking by turning on the back camera which enables the user to see what’s down there (literally!) and keep texting at the same time. The messages will be displayed in semi- transparent message bubbles making it easier to see the road too.

2. On your mark, ‘Head’set, Go!

Source: thestreet.com

Even though it has been holding a patent for a headset display since the year 2008, there does not seem to be any products using this technology from Apple on the horizon. The updated patent includes promising features such as a camera on headset, integration of the headset with a mobile phone etc., in an attempt to provide the user with a 3D viewing experience.

3. The Apple Logo will be the new security feature!

Source: thestreet.com

If there was any other way to make the Apple logo even more important, Apple has found a way to do it. Rumours had been adrift that the company was looking to get rid of its Home key on its devices, and with this patent filed in July, it looks like it might just be on its way to do so! The patent may indicate that Apple will now incorporate the Touch ID feature biometric circuitry in the Apple logo on the back side, rendering the Home key obsolete.

4. Flexible iPhones

Source: ipod.item-get.com

How to make a portable device even more portable is something that the 2015 patent by Apple seems to be working on. The patent shows how the different components of the phone including the screen and the battery could be made flexible, enabling the phone to even fold in half!

5. Come rain or hail, this Apple is waterproof!

March saw Apple march to the patent office armed with a plan that will allow it to produce water proof gadgets without any competition. The gadgets will get a hydrophobic coating that will make them water resistant.

6. Long lasting battery

Already approved, if this patent is pursued further, get ready for Apples that will last for days together and yet not run out of juice! In its patent application, Apple has stated that its design is a cost effective fuel cell system that use oxygen and hydrogen to generate electrical energy that will power the devices. It remains to be seen if and when Apple goes ahead with this efficient idea.

A look at these patents point to a lot of possibilities of new advanced products from the farm of Apple. Watch this space for more on when and how Apple plans to make these patented designs come alive!