6 Christmas Gifts Your Woman Would love!

6 Christmas Gifts Your Woman Would love!

6 Christmas Gifts Your Woman Would love!

by December 13, 2015

Christmas is coming, and unless you are a snow, a reindeer, or mistletoe, you might want to start shopping for gifts to make the women in your life happy. Spread some Christmas joy by gifting your wife, daughter, sister, mother, or any other significant woman in your life with any of these gifts. 

1. Amazon Kindle

Source: ebay.in

Do you have a bibliophile woman in your life? If you are one of those people who need to keep building extra shelves in the house to house all those books your woman keeps getting, then gifting a lightweight, portable, less-space-occupying e-book reader is a good idea? There is a range of e-book readers you can pick from. The most popular ones is the Kindle Fire priced at around Rs.7, 190 which can make for a thoughtful Christmas gift.

2. Smartphone

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A versatile gift option; you can gift a smartphone to practically anyone in your life. You could opt for Samsung Galaxy E7  priced at Rs.15750 or maybe the more premium Apple iPhone 6 priced at around Rs.38, 000. Whichever smartphone you choose, you can be rest assured that it will bring a luminous smile to the woman, for she can now look up ideas on what to get you for New Year’s on her new smartphone!

3. Food processor

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It’s not diamonds or chocolates; ask any woman what she holds in the utmost regard and she will reply with “my kitchen appliances” (okay, we’re kidding, it’s still diamonds). Present your woman with a food processor like Morphy Richards Icon Dlx priced at around Rs.7,600 and help reduce her kitchen workload. Either this or help her out in the kitchen yourself, the choice is yours!

4. Fitness tracker

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Show how much you care for their fitness and health by gifting the woman in your life a fitness band. These fitness trackers, in a convenient form of a wrist band, will help keep track of your loved ones’ sleep patterns, exercise schedules, set goals, etc. using certain online apps. A Fitbit Flex Wristband priced at around Rs.6, 990 is a good option when it comes to this category. Go ahead; show her that you care.

5. Hair Styler

Source: indianfashionandlifestyle.com

We may not be vain but we do like to look good! That’s why gifting a woman a hair styler is never a bad idea. You could gift her Vidal Sassoon hair styler priced at approximately Rs.2575. So that the next time she steps out, it’s in style, courtesy to you!

6. Epilator

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If you are a guy, thank your stars, for you don’t have to undergo the frequent torture of getting waxed. However, you may wish to sympathize and gift the women in your life an epilator which is a painless hair removal device. Get your wife the Philips HP 6421/00 Epilator priced at around Rs.1,885 and earn some brownie points as the perfect husband!

Better pull up your socks (and also hang them for Santa!), and start cracking on those pending Christmas gifts for your women unless you want a bruise as red as the ones on Rudolph’s nose!