6 Christmas Gifts your kids would love to have!

6 Christmas Gifts your kids would love to have!

6 Christmas Gifts your kids would love to have!

by December 12, 2015

christmas gift ideas for kids

With all the Christmas merriment that will soon begin, you may want to start thinking about what the beautifully wrapped Christmas boxes surrounding the Christmas tree will contain. The Santa season brings with it childlike wonder, and it’s a good time to participate in it with your child. Listed below are a few gift ideas for your little elves that will surely make them love Christmas and the good ol’ fat man riding a sleigh even more.

1. Headphones

kids gear

Source: amazon.com

Combine your child’s love for M&Ms and listening to music by gifting him/her a pair of headphones from Maxell priced at round Rs.3, 655, or maybe a headset from Kidz Gear for around Rs.5,062. Gift them these and see them enjoy listening to their audio books!

2. Laptop skins

hello kitty laptop skin

Source: lehobaby.com

You have already empowered your daughter to explore the world of information by gifting her laptop. How about making it more fun for her by getting her a Hello Kitty laptop skin priced at around Rs.4,409? She will adore the gesture and love you even more!

3. Watch

hello kitty watch

Source: lehobaby.com

What better way to teach your child about the importance of time than by gifting them a watch? You could get your child a Hello Kitty watch; its price range starts from Rs. 229. The watch’s cuteness will surely make up for the preachy time management tactics that you teach your kid!

kids tablet

Source: amazon.com

How many times have we wondered how our childhood learning would’ve been if we had colourful, interactive tablets at our disposal? Gift your child a Vtech Innotab 2 Kids Tablet priced at Rs. 10,789, to expose them to fun ways to read with the built –in e-book reader, interactive games, video player, and much more! If not this, then the Barbie Doll’icious Kids Tablet priced at around Rs.5,315 can be the way to your daughter’s heart too!

5. Battery operated tooth brush

battery operated spiderman toothbrush

Source: ebay.co.uk

Have a lazy brat at home who refuses to brush his/ her teeth? Well, oral hygiene can be made fun with the Colgate battery operated tooth brush with a Spiderman design priced at around Rs.1, 973. Get your brat this and see him/her swing their way to the bathroom every morning and night! Add some flavoured toothpaste for effect and see the magic double!

6. Cycle

hero kids cycle

Source: snapdeal.com

Every father dreams of the day when he finally sees his child ride the cycle for the first time. Take the first step towards achieving this dream by gifting your child their first wheels this Christmas. Get them the Hero Kids Stitch Scorpy bike priced at about Rs.2,944, and see them zoom around with confidence!

Go, show your child that he has been on Santa’s list of ‘good children’ and shower him with some Christmassy love!