6 Best OLED Televisions by LG to Opt for

6 Best OLED Televisions by LG to Opt for

6 Best OLED Televisions by LG to Opt for

by April 27, 2017
OLED Televisions

The market of televisions has grown manifold since last decade, and the recent invention of OLEDs has changed the scenario considerably. The first OLEDs hit the market in 2013, but they were only a few and too expensive. However in 2017 OLEDs are gaining more popularity with falling production costs and better models. OLED TVs give a better picture quality than any LED TV existing today. If you are interested in choosing one out of the many options then make sure to read this article of top OLED TV options, before making your choice:

1. LG B6

This product by LG has topped the list not only in terms of performance but also the price range it comes in. The picture quality of this 4k OLED TV is beyond comparison. The pixels can turn off and on independently and thus it can give high contrast. Its response time is good too.

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2. LG C6

Another product by LG is a 4k OLED TV with fantastic picture quality. The screen is slightly curved which provides perfect view even when viewed from any angle. The design of the TV will add to the beauty of your room. It is a perfect TV to watch movies in a dark room due to its infinite contrast.

3. LG C7

The LG C7 comes next in the list. The screen of this TV is not curved and can display a wide range of colours. This TV is also best suited for gaming due to very low input lag. However, the screen retains the static images for some moments and the brightness level varies depending on the content played.

4. LG EG9600

This curved TV comes with amazing picture quality. The colours are pretty good, and due to the curved screen, the picture remains same even when viewed from different angles. This TV has a sleek design and the motion performance is quite flawless, the only drawbacks being the higher input lag and temporary image retention.

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This product by LG has infinite contrast ratio with excellent picture quality. This TV is without curve, but you can enjoy the picture from any place in the room. It has nearly no motion blur in video games.

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6. LG EF9500 OLED TV

The LG OLED EF9500 comes with a sleek design and offers good picture quality even in dark rooms. It also provides some smart features with great colour accuracy.

These top 6 OLED TV options give you a heady mix of great features, strong specs, and attractive prices!