It’s Official Now – 5G Is The Future Of Wireless Communication Technology

It’s Official Now – 5G Is The Future Of Wireless Communication Technology

It’s Official Now – 5G Is The Future Of Wireless Communication Technology

by February 10, 2017

5G is the 4G

A physicist might faint at the idea of 5G. But for laymen like us, who have no gravitational concern, 5G promises to be the next evolutionary step in the development of wireless communications. If history is to be believed, we have always witnessed the introduction of faster wireless communications every ten years or so.

In the early 2000s, 3G networks were introduced which promised faster Internet speeds and video calling. Then came the fourth generation in wireless communication, called 4G, which brought even faster speeds to smartphones and mobile devices.

For quite a while now, many companies have been working on a newer form of wireless communications even more advanced than LTE or 4G. 3GPP, the cellular standards group, recently announced that the next generation wireless communications technology would expectedly be called 5G. They have recently unveiled a new logo to signify 5G networks.

5G internet logo


The exact specifications are yet to be announced. So, naturally, we do not yet know the parameters required for a network to qualify as a 5G network. But there are a lot of rumours going around that give more details. It is said that the newer 5G network would provide speeds equalling to about 5Gbps. Also, the 5G network may use a frequency of as high as 28GHz, or even more. The new 5G technology also aims at providing a wider bandwidth rather than higher speeds. This means that, for a unit area, a higher number of connections would be possible. The network will allow an increased number of connections for an area.

5G internet facebook virtual reality


Even on 4G networks these days, we experience latency or lag while streaming 4K videos or during Virtual Reality streaming. These lags will be a thing of the past when 5G is implemented, because of the reduced latency. Live streaming will be much smoother, and the practical implementation of this improvement will be spectacular. In the medical field, remote surgeries would be possible because, with minimal lag, the operator’s movement will have smoother interactions with the robotic technology involved in the surgery. There are a lot of different applications where the advent of 5G would prove to be amazing. Self-driving cars will have a better connection, and that will minimise collisions and traffic.

5G ready mobiles

But when can 5G be expected? According to experts, we might see the first of 5G networks as early as 2018. That will be Phase 1. Phase 2 might begin by 2020. 5G-enabled devices have already been announced by Qualcomm, Nokia, Samsung and others. In India, we may not see a hint of 5G till at least 2020, seeing that even 4G was introduced here just last year, and it hasn’t been fully implemented yet. Most of the Indian population still uses 3G, with only a small percentage having 4G speed.

So, until they announce the actual specifications of 5G and we get to see some practical results, let’s simply wait eagerly for the new era in communications.