5 Unique Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Brother

5 Unique Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Brother

5 Unique Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas For Your Sweet Brother

by August 27, 2015
rakhshabandhan gifts

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Tradition says that Rakshabandhan is an occasion for the brother to show his absolute love and care for his sister. He vows to protect her from everything, be it a vagabond down the street or an angry parent! He may be the younger one but he will surely stand up when a finger is pointed at his beloved older sister. An older brother is the one who will threaten every guy who chooses to profess his undying love for his sister. Whatever the case, a sister too loves her brother unconditionally. For this Rakshabandhan, let your brother not be the only one who gifts you something special; instead, be the one who surprises him with a gadget that maybe he wanted for quite a while, or something that you are sure he would love. We give you a few ideas as to what to gift the person who always makes you feel loved and protected…

• Power bank

mi powerbank

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Have you ever seen him struggling with a phone that refuses to last throughout the day? Gift him a power bank from Mi (that hardly costs between Rs. 500 – Rs.1000) for their smartphone and see him light up at the thought of playing his favorite phone games all day long! Your thoughtful gesture will go a long way in making him adore you more!

• Electric Shaving & Grooming Kit

philips shaving grooming kit

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Traditionally something that fathers give their son, a shaving kit is something that you could choose for your brother. A shaving kit from Philips costing about Rs. 2000 to Rs. 3000 which comes replete with the best epilator and grooming essentials is something that your brother would love.

• Camera

nikon cool pix sony camera

If your brother has a passion for photography, then try presenting him with a camera. Be it a simple shoot-and-point camera or a more advanced DSLR, the fact that you put in the effort to find him the perfect camera that will fuel his passion is enough to convey your admiration for your brother. A Nikon Coolpix or Sony cybershot camera costing about Rs. 10,000 is sown thing you could gift him.

• Drone

flyers bay drone

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Okay, maybe he would’ve preferred an airplane, but parking restrictions won’t allow you to buy him that and so you could make do with a drone! See him squeal with surprise and delight as you hand over the fine and technical looking remote control to the new love of his life. A drone from The Flyer’s Bay for about Rs. 6500 will keep him occupied for hours as you peacefully enjoy an afternoon nap without him running around the house!

• Headphones

sony headphones

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Gifting him a pair of good headphones from Skullcandy, Sennheiser, or Sony for about Rs. 700-Rs. 1500, is actually a good investment on your part! Imagine the endless hours of rock music that blares through the music system the whole time that he is home. With a pair of headphones, now all you have to bear with is his imitation of famous rock stars while he listens to them through his new headphones!

There is no doubt about the phenomenal bond shared by a sister and brother. However, every once in a while it is a good idea to show your brother just how much you value him and his support by gifting him these amazing presents…