5 tips to buy a new laptop

5 tips to buy a new laptop

5 tips to buy a new laptop

by June 8, 2017
5 tips to buy a new laptop

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Our lives in this modern day world is based on technology. Starting from what we eat, how we communicate with the world, what we wear and how and where do we travel; all this and much more is based technology and its varied advances. Laptop is one such important and integral part of this technological movement.

Laptop is a compact for of computer that is easy for us to commute, yet extremely versatile in nature, that is capable enough of performing varied applications. Whether your intent is to use the laptop to play games, watch movies, stay connected with the world when you are travelling or do some serious work; you need to choose the right machine that offers you the perfect balance of battery, functionality, performance and portability.

Buying a laptop is not very difficult but you should know how to separate wheat from chaff. It is important for you to first sit and zero down your actual needs, basis which there are various components that you must reckon before choosing the right laptop for you. To make the selection process easier for you, we are listing down 5 key elements that you must consider when making your choice:

Why do you need it?

Even before jumping on to stuff like processor, display, memory; the most important factor to consider is that for what purpose do you want to a buy a laptop for? Do you want to use your laptop for basic purposes like internet browsing, exchanging emails, social networking or for average purposes like streaming music and videos, basic content creation, using spreadsheets and data or for heavy usage like graphics and video editing, multi-tasking and playing heavy graphics based games? Always remember the heavy the usage will be, the heavier the specifications like faster processor, high screen resolution, spacious drive and likes will be needed.

How handy it should be?

The next major factor to zero-in should be how handy or portable do you wish your laptop to be. In general, a typical laptop weighs anything between 2 – 4 kg and ultralight versions like MacBook Air or the various netbooks weigh less than 1.5 kg. If you plan to carry your laptop all day long in your bag, then you cannot carry a 5 kg one. You should go for a smaller screen size and weight less than 2kg. With this weight and size not only will your travel become easy but will be less taxing on your shoulders. On the other hand, if you plan to use is your laptop for workstation-level productivity all day long while working on large spreadsheets or playing high-end games, then nothing less than 15-inch will work for you.

What about battery life?

What good can a Mercedes do with fuel. Similarly, your most expensive laptop device is worth few rupees if it does not have a good enough battery life. Battery life is very important, as you may not get a charging port every time you plan to use your laptop. Battery life in laptops vary on the basis of model and type, however most of the manufacturers offer battery-life ranging from few hours to 12 hours or more. In general, if someone claims that the battery-life will last for say 12 hours, then be rest assured that it will hold good for at least 9 hours. Again usage is what matters the most when it comes to deciding on battery-life. If you plan to use it for a couple of hours while traveling or sitting in your balcony to check few emails and complete some errands, then most of the laptop models will suit you. However, if you plan to juice-up its battery all day long, then be ready to shell out extra. A quick tip: battery drains quickly when laptop works harder, i.e. if you will be doing some heavy-duty graphic editing or playing a 3D high definition game, then your laptop battery won’t last more than a couple of hours, when unplugged.

What about connectivity features?

All laptops have in-built Wi-Fi feature that helps you stay connected with internet and other devices such as speakers, other portable devices and smartphones. What you really need to check is if they do have an Ethernet port, enabling you to plug in the internet cable. If you plan to travel mostly then consider buying a 4G LTE enabled network. One or more USD port, standard Bluetooth feature are also common elements these days. What you need check is other ports like a built-in camera, DVD drive, an HDMI port to connect an external monitor, media card slots to transfer photographs and videos from your camera and likes for specific requirements.

How to find the right operating system?

If you will ever ask a bunch of techies to choose the best from MacOS, Windows or Linux for a laptop, they will never reach a conclusion. That’s simply because all the three have their own positives and negatives. However, it is crucial for you to sit and decide on one of the three as this decision will impact to choice of software’s you will eventually run on your laptop.

MacOS: It works only on Apple laptops i.e. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. These laptops come no cheap however, provide amazing user experience and smooth functionality between hardware and software. This OS is simple, straightforward and intuitive, which means that even a novice who knows nothing about hardware can use it with utmost ease without worrying about anything. These laptops have the best battery life and have the least incidents of virus or malware attacks.

Windows: It is the most popular OS in the market. It can be easily integrated with most hardware and software. Its interface can be easily customized as per user specific needs and can be installed on a wide range of laptops including, tablets and phablets. Windows 7 is the most popular OS; however, Windows 10 is the latest version available in the market that comes pre-installed in the new laptops. Windows based laptops come in all price range and in all screen sizes.

Linux: This OS costs nothing and can be downloaded for free from the internet. It is compatible with most software and hardware and can run smoothly on your laptop as an easy alternative to Windows. There are various versions of this OS floating in the market with Ubuntu being the more popular one.

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