5 Tips That Make iPhone Easier to Use for Senior People

5 Tips That Make iPhone Easier to Use for Senior People

5 Tips That Make iPhone Easier to Use for Senior People

by December 22, 2014

When you gift an iPhone to a youngster, he or she will not have much of a problem in using it. However, if you gift an iPhone to a senior person, they may have a problem in using it. Parents and grandparents may not use the iPhone if they find that it cannot be handled by them. So, you will have to be very sure before gifting the seniors an iPhone. If you have already gifted a senior parent or grandparent an iPhone, then you will have to train them to use it.

Some seniors may find it easy to use the iPhone, but only after proper training on the features. The iPhone is touted to be the easiest-to-use devices, but there are many senior people who have made a mind-block towards it. The simple user interface of the iPhone may be simple enough for the younger generation, but for the older generation, it poses challenges. Slow motor skills and laid back attitude are two of the most common reasons that have made the seniors ignorant towards the iPhone.

Tip #1: Accessibility Menu makes things Easier


To help the seniors with the usage of iPhone, the makers have embedded some features and applications that make iPhone usage very easy and simple. In iPhone Settings, there is a menu called the Accessibility menu, which is generally meant for people who have some impairment or some kind of disability. The Accessibility menu comprises options for Speech, Zoom, Bold Text, Larger Text, Voiceover, Grayscale, Invert Colors, Increase Contrast, Reduce Motion, Button Shapes, and on/off labels.

Tip #2: Larger Text Option Makes it Easy to Read


Some of the features or options that are worth taking a look are Larger Text, LED Flash for Alerts, Phone Noise Cancellation, Subtitles and captioning, home-click speed. Let’s have a look at each of these options one by one. The larger text option is very good for seniors who have reading problems. Since the smartphone screens are small and text on it is even smaller, it becomes very difficult to read for the seniors. With larger text, they can surely read what is there on the screen comfortably.

Tip #3: LED Notifications

The LED notifications are loved by Android lovers, but in the earlier versions of the iOS, this feature was not there. If you have recently bought an iPhone that has iOS 8, then you can activate the LED notifications feature. The LED notifications give a visual cue of the notifications so the seniors don’t miss out on the notifications.

Tip #4: Subtitles and Captions Feature



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Most seniors would have a problem of hearing sounds or voice from the iPhone. To negate this, iPhone has as phone noise cancellation feature that helps to reduce the ambient noise during the call. People who have a hearing problem can use the Subtitles and Captions feature that is most prominent in the iPhone latest version. When activated, these captions or subtitles appear in the videos that are being played in the iPhone.

For the younger generation, the home click speed is not a problem at all, but for the older generation it poses a lot of problems. Low muscular strength and non-intuitive attitude of seniors are the main reasons for confusion while using the iPhone. To overcome this, there is an option in iPhone to reduce the home click speed.

Tip #5: Users can Disable Push Notifications


Seniors get very annoyed when there are any unnecessary notifications popping up from time to time. There is an option in iPhone to disable the Push notifications so that there are no distractions at all. There are very simple steps that you can perform to disable notifications in iPhone.
• You will have to first go to the Settings option and then tap on the Notifications icon.
• When you enter the Notifications screen, you will have to scroll down to the list of your installed applications.
• Then, you will have to tap on Edit in the upper right corner and finally drag-and-drop the applications that you do not want the notifications for.
• This is done by going to the Do Not Include section.

Manufacturers of iPhone have given a lot of thought in designing the model to make it user friendly across all age groups. These simple tips will surely sort things for everyone.

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