5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Refrigerator

5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Refrigerator

5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Refrigerator

by April 15, 2017
5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Refrigerator

You can’t survive summers without chilled water, refreshing lemon drinks, and ice cream. And to store all of that, you need a refrigerator. It is a basic necessity! You might get through winters without using a refrigerator, but you won’t be able to stand the summers without one at home. Considering that having a refrigerator is so important, it is also crucial that you invest in the best according to your suitability. And selecting the perfect refrigerator is a much more difficult task than it seems. You need to consider a lot of factors, from weighing pros and cons to comparing different types and brands of refrigerators before you can select the perfect one which will get you through the summers, or any other season for that matter. Here are the top 5 things you need to consider while buying a refrigerator.

1. Four main types of fridges

Refrigerators Types

Refrigerators come in four basic styles and types. You can choose the one which will go with your kitchen décor as well as which can be handier for you.

  • French door– It has two main doors which open outwards. The freezer is at the bottom.

  • Side-by-side– It has two main doors which open outwards. The freezer and the fridge are placed side-by-side, providing equal storage for both.

  • Top freezer– The fridge in below the freezer. The freezer is on the head of the refrigerator.

  • Bottom freezer– The freezer is situated at the bottom.

Options like LG and Samsung refrigerators are perfect for any kind of refrigerator purchases you wish to make.

2. Energy efficiency

Refrigerators need to be kept on for a long time to provide perfect cooling so that the items kept inside don’t go stale. Hence, they consume a lot of electricity and the bill can make a dent in your budget. So you need to select the most energy efficient refrigerator you can lay your hands on. Energy efficiency is often marked on refrigerator products, with 1 star being the lowest energy efficient and 5 stars being the highest. Always go for the brand that has a 5-star ratings.

3. Space

Refrigerators Space

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Space is an important factor to consider while buying a refrigerator. You need to measure your kitchen or dining space, or wherever you want to place the refrigerator, and accordingly choose the size which would be more convenient. A few more things you need to consider is the door size so that the fridge can pass through the door, as well as the area that you will the place fridge in so that you don’t hit the wall or knock over things while opening or closing the doors of the refrigerator.

4. Post- sale services

This is probably the most important factor you need to consider before buying a refrigerator. Maintenance of your refrigerator can create a problem if not dealt with expertise. Servicing and repairing of your fridge needs to be done with care and perfection so that it will run for a long term. Hence, you need to choose a brand which has its service center in your town or locality. Other than that, you need to check which brands offer you the best warranty services and what benefits are covered under warranty. Read the brochure for the product from cover to cover, research about it, read some customer reviews and ask for references before finalizing any product.

5. Capacity according to your storage needs


Refrigerators Storage

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As mentioned earlier, we stock up our fridges with lots of items, starting from water and milk to sodas, ice creams and various food products. Fruits, vegetable, leftover meals, all go into the refrigerator, too. So you need to select a fridge that has enough capacity for everything you can store. Haier or Whirlpool refrigerators are perfect options that give you the benefit of both saving space and increased storage capacity.

These are the five main points you need to consider before buying a refrigerator. Apart from that, you need to look at your budget and other factors too. After considering all the factors, compare the pros and cons of the refrigerators you have selected. Make sure you get the best for your house!