by September 25, 2015

5 Must Read Eid books for Children

The beauty of our race lies in its diversity; our different beliefs, our varied faiths. It does not do to be constricted to knowledge of just one particular faith or religion… to be truly secular, it is essential that we be aware of the different religions of our world and what they stand for…and what better age to start with this than in childhood? So, on this occasion of Eid al- Adha, let us take the initiative to know some more about one of the most admired religions of the world- Islam- and list some of the best children books that give a deep understanding of one of the most popular festivals of Islam, Eid:

the best eid ever

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  • The Best Eid Ever by Asma Mobin-Uddin

There is no better way to illustrate the values of brotherhood and compassion followed by Muslims than by the story of Aneesa. The little girl’s story begins with her grandmother giving her a set of beautiful new clothes to celebrate the occasion of Eid, and to make up for her parents not being with her due to their Haj pilgrimage. A chance meeting at the prayer hall with a few refugee girls dressed in ill-fitted clothes leads to Aneesa showing just what humanity means. Read the book to find out just how this little girl exemplifies the great values of Islam.

the three muslim festivals

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  • The Three Muslim Festivals by Aminah Ibrahim Ali

A well- illustrated educational book, The Three Muslim Festivals takes the reader into the lives of Ahmad, Rabiah, and Musa and how their families celebrate the Holy Days of Ramadan, Eid al- Fitr and Eid al- Adha. The stories are written in simple language and make for a great bedtime read too.

night of the moon

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  • Night Of The Moon by Hena Khan

The story follows a seven year old, Pakistani- American girl named Yasmeen, who understands more about her religion, about the origins of the holy month of Ramadan, and the significance of the lunar calendar. The book gives the reader insight into the how the month is celebrated with a week by week account of happenings. With Julie Paschkis’ lively illustrations, the reader is drawn more and more into the Islamic culture.

golden domes and silver lanterns

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  • Golden Domes And Silver Lanterns by Hena Khan

Filled with rich and vivid illustrations by Mehrdokht Amini, this book works well to educate and fascinate young readers to ask questions about the glorious culture of Islam. A young Muslim girl serves as the guide to the reader as she walks them through the meaning of various colours in the Islamic culture as well as their food and clothing. This book will find a place in both, school and home settings.

kids of ummah

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  • Kids Of The Ummah by Peter Gould & Inshirah Khan

Aimed at infants and toddlers, this vibrant book is a good way of teaching the child their ABCs, helping them familiarize themselves with Muslim names, as also with the diverse Muslim cultures across the world. Although it does not solely focus on Eid, the book is educative enough in its approach of sensitizing the kids to the culture of Islam.

A simple bedtime or classroom reading of any of these books will go a long way in helping our future generations to respect a culture that may not be their own but in its essence, is their own…