5 must-have Student friendly iPhone apps!

5 must-have Student friendly iPhone apps!

5 must-have Student friendly iPhone apps!

by September 26, 2014


Your iPhone gives you access to thousands of apps that are suitable for people of all ages. While the popular notion is that most of the apps available for download serve entertainment purposes, some of these apps can have educational purposes as well; making them ideal for college going kids. We give you five recommended apps just to get you started.



Functioning as an effective educational tool, Evernote is probably the most useful app that allows you to take notes. You can categories your audio notes, pictures and type written notes into neat folders which are easily accessible any time you feel like making a quick revision. The best part about the app is that it syncs on Mac, iOS, Android as well as Windows devices, so you don’t need to email the notes to yourself. All you need to do is load the app on your personal PC and your notes will be there waiting for you when you switch on your system. With 60MB of upload space per month, this free app can make assignments and studies a little less of a hassle. There is no need to take down hand written notes when you have Evernote on your iPhone.



You probably already heard of the next app as it has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Dropbox is a must-have app on any device. Gone are the days of storing and transferring data through pen drives as this app allows you to upload data to a cloud-based server making it accessible on any device that has access to the Internet. Download the app and easily upload your notes, assignments or journals, so that you can read through them on your phone whenever you are stuck in traffic or complete last minute assignments to keep you out of trouble. There is no risk of your data getting corrupted with viruses as with the pen drive, making it much safer. It helps when you refer your friends as you get a bonus of 500 MB free storage in addition the normal 2GB of storage.



There will be many days in your journey through college life where you just don’t feel like taking down notes which could get you into trouble, especially days before the exam. While most students run to the nearest Xerox shop to print copies of their friend’s notes, sometimes you end up with bad prints which are hardly readable. An easy solution is the GeniusScan app in your iPhone which allows you to get high quality scans of any written document. Using your phones camera, the app takes a picture of the document and through a post-processing technique, makes it print ready. Get excellent quality of reading material with a few taps of your phone. It’s that easy and very effective.

iStudiez Pro


Do you find it difficult to keep tabs on lecture timings and assignment submission deadlines? Sometimes it’s quite difficult even to plan your schedule as a student resulting in chaos and unnecessary stress. That’s where the cleverly designed iStudiez Pro comes to your rescue. Add your schedule onto the app along with specific details of the lecture room number and teachers name or add assignments and exam dates so that you are never late to class or for a submission. The app will help you organize your day in a much more systematic manner.

Google Search

The next app will need very little introduction, yet it is one app you can’t do without. Google Search on your iPhones lets you do much more than the default search function, giving you access to information on countless number of topics. Get the latest news and books when you download the app. It gets even better if you already have a Google account as the app will integrate with Google applications like Docs, Reader and Calendar. The app allows you to search by voice or even by simply taking a picture of something and posting it on the net. When in doubt, simply use the Google Search app on your iPhone.

Start downloading these 5 important apps to brighten up your college days but don’t forget to check out the other apps in the marketplace as well.

To know about more such apps visit https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/best-iphone-apps/ .