5 kitchen appliances that’ll make her Women’s Day special

5 kitchen appliances that’ll make her Women’s Day special

5 kitchen appliances that’ll make her Women’s Day special

by March 7, 2015

It’s almost women’s day and you know she’ll be expecting an expensive, nicely wrapped present! Just kidding, you know that she craves for nothing more than love and appreciation. But while we’re at it, why not gift her something that’ll make her everday busy life a little simpler and her women’s day a lot more special? Here’s some kitchen appliances you can gift her that’ll be a huge helping hand in the kitchen:

Microwave Oven

In her everyday busy life, it must be very difficult for her to cook three meals a day. But thanks to the microwave oven you’re about to gift her, it’ll make cooking and re-heating meals for everyone way more easy and less time consuming. Also, you won’t have to rely on her everytime you’re hungry. Just pop a microwave-friendly dish inside and you can gorge on it while she rests in peace. We’re sure she will appreciate it.

Coffee Maker

Now if she is a caffiene lover and just can’t spend a single day without coffee, you know exactly what to gift her! Look at it this way, you won’t have to take her out on coffee dates anymore. Just make your coffee the way you both like it and sip on it while you have your long insightful conversations. After all, isn’t that exactly what every woman wants?


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While the saying stands true, many women go on out without having breakfast because of their busy schedules. They remember to feed each and every member of the family but ignore their own tummies which cry out of hunger in the mornings. As selfless and strong as a woman can be, she has needs and gets hungry too just like everyone else. Keeping breakfast in mind, gift her toaster. Just pop in 2 slices of bread every morning and she won’t have an excuse to step out of the house hungry, ever again.

Induction Cooktop

Is she still using the old fashioned gas stove for her cooking? It’s time you got her an upgrade. Being the sophisticated woman she is, she will definitely love it! An induction cooktop is just what every kitchen has nowadays. And if yours doesn’t have one, well then buy one right now because you know that she needs it to do all the tasty and wonderful cooking that she always does.

Juicer/Mixer Grinders

It’s a musthave for all kitchens. A juicer/mixer grinder helps in making the best and the most healthy juices that’ll keep her and her family healthy for the busy and eventful lives they lead. Also, the other great dishes that she makes need ‘salan’, ‘chutneys’ and the like which taste best when put together in a mixer grinder. If she already doesn’t have one, she must be quite the lady to get by with her cooking without one!