5 gadgets for a perfect selfie- Hat, Brush, Remote Control, Ring & Extension Arm

5 gadgets for a perfect selfie- Hat, Brush, Remote Control, Ring & Extension Arm

5 gadgets for a perfect selfie- Hat, Brush, Remote Control, Ring & Extension Arm

by February 20, 2015

Capturing memorable moments with loved ones might seem easy. But if you’re a true “selfie-geek” you’ll truly understand how difficult getting a perfect selfie can be! Even with the many functions like front camera or self timer a phone or a camera provides, sometimes a little more is needed for that perfect shot of life. So if you long for that perfect click, here are the top 5 gadgets that’ll make your life easier and your selfies funnier.

Smart Selfie Extension Arm Monopod:

To click that perfect selfie where you wouldn’t want some best friend’s head to get cut off, a smart selfie extension stick is just what you need! A smart selfie stick features a spring-loaded rubber piece that firmly holds the phone in place at the sides and secures it tightly on the stick. Once you place the phone over the rubber piece, you simply have to extend the stick as per your requirement and bring everything you want in the picture into focus. What’s more? The end at which you hold the stick you have a shutter button meticulously placed on the grip so that you can easily click that perfect picture without reaching out to the phone. The button is connected to the phone via Bluetooth. What else could you possibly ask for, eh?

Selfie Hat:

A device that helps you get a perfect capture while looking absolutely glamorous! This designer hat by Christian Cowan-Sanlus, with technology by Acer is a saviour for those obssesed with the perfect selfie! This hat supports Acer Iconia A-1 840 tablet and with it, you can take your pictures from any angle once you wear the hat and also use apps and do everything you can do with a tablet.

Selfie Brush:

Introducing a device that lets you take the perfect selfie even on a bad hair day! An iPhone case with a sliver of a mirror on the front and a brush on the back is your destined tool that’ll lead you towards the perfect click! Comb your hair from one side and place your iPhone on the other side and just snap it!

Selfie Remote Control:

A device that captures just what you need in the frame, a selfie remote control connects an iPhone via the headphone socket. The amazing part about this device is that you don’t have to touch your phone. Just pressing the remote button will click the selfie for you. Unlike the selfie extension stick, this device won’t capture a whole lot of people but is enough for a 2-3 people selfie at most.

Selfie Ring:

A blurry selfie can be very annoying, especially for those who are obsessed with selfie! To avoid the shaky and unclear pictures, here’s another device by Jonathan Cheban. The best thing about this wonderful device is that it works well with all kinds of mobiles! The Glam Screen Selfie Ring is a set of two rings that have to be attached at the back of your phone. You can slide two fingers in these rings to have a better grip of your phone while clicking a selfie.