5 Futuristic gadgets you didn’t know exist already

5 Futuristic gadgets you didn’t know exist already

5 Futuristic gadgets you didn’t know exist already

by September 27, 2015

Remember the movie Mission Impossible? Yes, the same movie where you saw Tom Cruise moving his hands in the air, tapping on virtual screens with his fingers. How cool was that?

Imagine yourself in the shower and you realize there was an important file you forgot to mail to your client. No worries. Simply move your fingers in the air on the virtual screens in front of you, and Bingo! You just sent your mail!!

Hold on. Things may have not gone this far yet, but ‘Virtual reality’ is indeed a reality. Take for instance a virtual keyboard, that lets you type in text right from an image of a keyboard produced on a flat surface. We at Compareraja, list down the virtual reality gadgets that you might soon see in reality!

Celluon Epic Projection Keyboard

celluon epic projection keyboard

Image Source: ytimg.com

Here is an amazing example of a virtual keyboard. All you need to do is simply pair a small gadget with your computer via a Bluetooth and that is it. You can now type by tapping your fingers on the projected red laser keys. Interestingly, the keyboard also includes a touchpad which is compatible with a Windows PC or a Mac.



Image Source: gannett-cdn.com

How about a mouse that can be worn around a finger like a ring? A tap from your thumb is all it takes to activate its tracking. Once the tracking is on, tap again to click and slide your thumb to scroll. An internal gyroscope is responsible for making the tracking mechanism possible.

The Cicret Projector Bracelet

the cicret projector bracelet

Since the last couple of years, numerous smartphone makers have been developing concept devices with a virtual display. However, these devices hardly made it to the daylight.

Cicret Project Bracelet, on the other hand, can actually project a smartphone display on your wrist. All you need to do is twist your wrist while you are wearing the bracelet and a virtual phone screen will be displayed on the wrist. Now, that’s what you call AWESOME, isn’t it?



Image Source: cnet.com

You always wanted to fly, didn’t you? Your prayers are finally heard and wish, granted. This device called Birdly is in fact a flight simulator that offers you a perfect flying experience. The device has wings that need to be pumped with little effort and there you go. You are no more just a human but a superhuman who can fly. It is time to save the city!!

Avegant Glyph

avegant glyph

Image Source: somegadgetguy.com

Life would have been so amazing if you could get inside your TV screen and be a part of the movie you are watching. Alright! Another wish granted. Glyph is a VR headset developed to offer the finest visual experience with high-quality audio. Though slightly big in size, it won’t disappoint you in terms of design. It is something you probably wouldn’t mind wearing in public. Moreover, the device also has a built-in mic, one feature that sets it apart from various VR headsets presently available.

So, the future is here!! What you dream about now will tomorrow turn into a reality. Get ready to witness the unbelievable!